Millennial temples, tropical beaches and street markets: the ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ in Thailand

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  • On a new delivery to be released by Cuatro on 16 August (at 22:50), ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ flies to Southeast Asia, one of the ten most visited countries in the world: Thailand.

It is one of the ten most visited countries in the world, a paradise for mountain lovers and with a great cultural wealth. Travels up to ‘Viajeros Cuatro’ Thailand To know your most special places with a team led by reporter on this occasion Marina Romeroon new delivery of the program Four release the Wednesday 16 August’s ,at 22:50,

es n bangkokThe capital city of Thailand, also known as the Venice of Southeast Asia, takes the team on a journey through some of the city’s most prestigious neighborhoods, packed with cobbled streets. Millennium Temple or market full of life. Asimismo, tour the canals of the river by boat chow fryaif you enter it Wat Pak Nam Templewhich has a house giant Buddha 69 meters high, and passes through various places tuk tuk until you reach Khao San Road, one of the liveliest areas of the city.

Alvaro Ramos, accompanied by ‘Chef Palanca’, is immersed in the program Khlong Toei Market, Bangkok’s largest fresh food market. Other markets the team visits mother klongA mercado del tran where vendors set up their products along the streets, and Amphawa Floating MarketWhere a wide range of delicious dishes are offered from small boats.

phuket natural paradise

The team travels south to visit Recaller Island phuketthe largest in Thailand and is located in the sea of Andamanwhere it has some great beaches and Tour the Coral Islands in a Thai Speedboat,

Also show one Exhibition of muay thai With Spanish player and expert in this genre, Paloma Arenz, and visit her big BuddhaOne of the most important and revered monuments on the island.

‘Viajeros Cuatro’ also organizes day trips by boat to the famous Phi Phi Island with a mandatory stop at may bayA beautiful and spectacular bay, protected by imposing cliffs 100 meters high, where the 1999 film ‘La Playa’ starring Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio was shot.

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