Meet the new trends of summer 2024

do you know what mermaidcore, It is obsessed with mermaids and everything related to the ocean floor. This marine-inspired aesthetic has been around for years, but with the latest release of the live-action, it’s back stronger. “the little Mermaid”Made by Disney.

Sequins, tail-cut skirts reminiscent of fish scales, seashell accessories and mysterious colors characteristic of the ocean floor – such as blue, lilac and green – are just some of the beauty items that promise to be popular in 2024 In the summer of

aesthetics in brands

Over the past few years, some of the world’s biggest fashion houses have used these elements in their runway and seasonal collections. Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Loewe it is Versace There are brands that have created looks inspired by the iconic mystical creatures.

Natalie Portman in Cannes. (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

on the festival of Cannes This year, actress Natalie Portman appeared in a dress whose design has been redesigned. Christian Dior since the 1950s. The black and white look with a layered skirt reminiscent of fish scales.

The bluemarine mermaid look (Photo: reproduction/Instagram)

already brand bluemarineProposes more modern mermaids with denim material and youthful silhouettes that refer to the 2000s.

mermaid in the real world

In practice, there are many ways to go deep into mermaidcore And bring a bit of the marine universe into your look. The best way to achieve the aesthetic quickly is through accessories. Shells, starfish, pearls and fish are objects that mermaids are attracted to and are versatile. They can be used in necklaces, earrings, barrettes, purses and even clothing. In addition, elements such as crochet and macrame fabrics, which help to refer to fishing nets, and the use of colors such as blue, purple, coral, pink and green contribute to bringing the nautical universe closer to fashion.

Featured photo: Naomi Campbell and Jessica Chastain. Playback/Lionel Hahn/David Livingston

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