Mahmundi launches project this Tuesday with show at Shopping Villa Olympia – comma

Mahmundi furthered the project with a show at Shopping Villa Olympia this Tuesday (Photo: Disclosure)

The SVO Secreto project, which has won the hearts of the public on the Instagrammable Terraço on the third floor of the shopping Villa Olympia, welcomes to Rio de Janeiro singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mahmundi, one of the main names of the new generation of Brazilian music There is one. With a beautiful acoustic. The show will take place on August 15 with free tickets through the Multi App.

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With the ability to blend various musical influences and create an authentic and vibrant sound, Mahmundi (voice and guitar) performs on stage alongside talented musicians such as Carlos Pontual (guitar) and Deborah Costa (percussion).

Aged 36 and raised in Marechal Hermes, in the northern region of Rio de Janeiro, but living in São Paulo for four months, the artist works in harmony with new technologies and different ways of enjoying pop music today. Inspired by the musical revolutions made by young people like Billie Eilish, Mahmundi believes that not everything that goes viral is superficial and that algorithms can spread quality.

Confirmed as the highlight of The One Stage at The Town Festival, Mahmundi is recognized as one of the main names of the new generation of Brazilian music, with a mix of current pop and 80s sounds. Her albums are recognized for her versatility, melodious and unique voice, catchy lyrics and warm music. The public will find these characteristics in his most recent work “Amor Fati”, a Latin expression meaning “love of destiny”, a concept of integral acceptance of life in all its aspects, good or bad.

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