Leaked details have excited fans of the game

A recent leak from trusted insider Valorant Kingdom Laboratories has hinted at the possibility of a movie based on the popular game. The leader claims that the film, which is reportedly being developed by Tencent, will be released in 2025. While the exact details of the project are still unclear, the leak includes a link to a YouTube livestream scheduled for October 13, 2024 that could show a trailer for the upcoming movie.

Valorant creators Riot Games have previously had success with their Arcane series based on their flagship MOBA game League of Legends. Given the positive reception to Arcane, fans were curious about the possibility of similar adaptations of other gaming franchises, including Valorant. The leak suggests that Riot Games and Tencent are exploring the idea of ​​bringing Valorant to the big screen.

The leaker also mentioned that the movie will be different from Arcane and will be similar in style to the cinematic released for the Chinese release of Valorant. Since Riot Games is owned by Tencent, a company with its own animation and comics division, they likely have the resources to produce a high-quality film adaptation.

While the leaked information looks promising, Riot Games has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of a Valorant movie. It is not yet known which studio will be involved in production if the project actually moves forward. Fans of the game will have to patiently wait for official announcements and updates from Riot Games and Tencent.

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