Jennifer Lopez goes red the totally natural way with stunning video

Jennifer Lopez He turned on the reflector on the social network during the last few hours through his official Instagram profile I published a video in which it was possible to see completely natural, Furthermore, it surprised its fans Reveal one of your best-kept beauty secrets, So, as expected, the publication of “La Diva del Bronx” created a huge uproar on digital platforms, where it brought her a halo of recognition as one of the most attractive women in all of Hollywood despite being 54. could reaffirm himself. years of age.

As I said earlier, it was through Chamber’s famous application where Ben Affleck’s wife made the publication in question, which was of double intent. In addition to completely slaying natural beauty, it also took advantage of its commercial side and promoted some of the products of its cosmetics brand.

for this short recording JLo forgot about “what would they say” and let herself look totally natural because she wasn’t using a drop of makeupStill, the beauty of her face took more than one person by surprise, it seemed like the beautiful actress and singer above had quit her job at least fifteen years ago to be more dazzling.

“No filter. Totally yo. I’m 54 now, stunning and happy” That was the text that JLo wrote along with her video, in which she could be seen dressed in a beautiful golden silk dress and starting I say I feel “better than ever” And so that more people can feel the same way, share what your beauty routine looks like every morning.

It is completely natural. Photo: IG: JLO

Before starting the full tutorial, the protagonist of “Selena” and “Cassette with Me” sarcastically about the versions in which she was assured that she does not use beauty products of her own brand and it was from here Took this opportunity to assume that your player has all kinds of JLO beauty products.

JLo reveals the secret to her eternal beauty

Once you start Beauty Tutorials, Jennifer Lopez i showed that The first product to be applied to the face in the morning is an illuminator and firming agent containing niacinamide. and later i put moisturizing cream with sunblock And the business woman took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of this product, so I accepted it in her case, The only thing that has helped in delaying the aging of your face is to protect yourself from the sun. And it turns out that she started applying the blocker when she was in her 20s, which has worked wonders for her.

JLo is considered one of the most beautiful women in international football. Photo: IG. jlo

“I’ve been using sunscreen every day since I was 20, I had to start when I was very young. There is no filter or retouching in this video” With these words JLO recorded her video showing that the beauty of her face is completely natural.

As I said earlier, video of jennifer lopez in natural form This created a huge uproar among his over 250 million followers on that platform. Whoever is in charge of recording the model will also get thousands of likes and the comments box will be filled with halo scientos.

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