Incredible Punggol model in Minecraft created by a TikTok user

At the height of the pandemic in 2021, Victoria Junior College students built their campus in Minecraft for a virtual tour. Now, another TikTok creator has taken on the huge task of building a 1:1 scale model of Punggol in the popular sandbox game.

This ambitious project is part of the Minecraft BuildTheEarth movement, which aims to recreate the Earth in 1:1 scale in the game. They are joined by Singapore, whose creators are working to recreate residential areas such as Punggol, Clementi and Sembawang.

The creator documents his progress on TikTok by sharing videos of the various residential groups and attractions he has completed. So far he has recreated Punggol Vista, Punggol Crest, Punggol Field, Waterway Woodcress, Oasis Elementary School, Oasis Terraces, Punggol MRT/LRT and Waterway Point. He plans to replicate every building in the Punggol planning area based on the Urban Reconstruction Authority’s master plan.

Netizens enthusiastically followed the work of the creator and expressed their excitement about the future areas to be reproduced. Some proposals include Jurong West and the future Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) campus at Punggol. The creator reacted positively to these suggestions, promising to add them to his roster once Sengkang is completed.

The attention to detail in the creator’s work is evident, and it’s clear that countless hours have been invested in the project. As of this writing, her TikTok video featuring the model has over 148.6k views and 14.5k likes.

It remains to be seen how the creator will continue this ambitious project, but for now, his Minecraft Punggol model is receiving praise and admiration from the online community.

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