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In today’s digital age, social media has changed the way people communicate, share information and express their opinions. In this new media ecosystem powerful women became leading figures, exerting undeniable power and profound influence on platforms such as TikTok. According to a study by We Are Social, this is the preferred platform for the industry in the case of Spain.

These women not only captivated a huge audience, but also managed to shape attitudes, trends and even cultural representations through their online presence. Their voices sound on a variety of topics, from fashion and beauty to personal empowerment and social engagement.

These 10 Spanish tiktokers with the most followers (August 2023).

  1. Rosalia 32.5 m
  2. Giulia Menu Garcia – 25.3 million
  3. Larissa Kimberly 20.1M
  4. Double Melody 19M
  5. Judith Arias, 17.8 million
  6. Mar Lucas 14.8 million
  7. Sky and Tami 14.6 million
  8. Ferret Roller 13.1M
  9. Inmagic 12.8M
  10. Lola Lolita 11M

Representing women on TikTok

In Spain, 94.9% of the population (47.54 million people) have access to the Internet, of which more than 85% are active users of social networks. Among social media users, we find that most of them are women (51.1%). In general terms, users follow their friends and family’s accounts on the networks first, then the influencers or celebrities featured on the platforms, and finally the brands.

As for the most successful type of content, it provides information about current events and inspires users aged 18 to 24. On the other hand, young users are looking for content that entertains them.

Even though other social networks like WhatsApp or Instagram are ahead, according to the We Are Social Digital Report 2023, users are spending more and more time on TikTok. When tiktok spain, the predominant public is also made up of women at 56.9%, aged between 18 and 24. In general, the audience of tiktokers is mainly the one that is active on social media and interested in the type of content they offer.

Of the top 20 most popular Spanish tiktokers on the platform, half woman singer Rosalia tops this list. On the platform of triumphs humorous and entertaining content, as was the case with the scores of Giulia Menu Garcia (2nd), Judith Arias (5th), and Skiandtami (7th). On the other side, music and trends For now, they are always a good option to grow and build a vertical video social network community for female tiktokers like Larisa Kimberly (3rd), Twin Melody (4th) or Mar Lucas (6th). place).

Although differentiate yourself and targeting a more specific audience can also be a good choice when creating content on Tiktok, such as Hurona Rolera or Inmagic, ranked 8th and 9th out of the top ten Spanish tiktokers with the most followers. But a very good example of how to behave on social networks is Lola Lolita, a young woman who rounded out the top 10 and managed to become popular in many cases due to the way it is presented online.

Female tiktokers in Spain set the bar: examples

While this is obvious, it is important to clarify that a specific topic has no genre. Women can dedicate their content to topics such as sports, science, technology, which are usually associated with men, and men can dedicate themselves entirely to makeup, fashion, photography, decorating, topics usually associated with women.

Content about trends and lifestyle

Female TikTokers tend to reflect on their own experiences on social media. From the fashion and beauty editions, where they share tips on style and trends, How Larisa Kimberly with 20.1 million followers looking to create viral trends; to deeper aspects of life such as empowerment of women.

Many of them also share their experiences of motherhood, giving advice and encouraging mutual support between mothers, such as Julia Menu Garcia, second in the list of the most popular Spanish tiktokers, distinguished by excellent humor.

music content

Just ahead of her Rosaliafamous singer who has accumulated 32.5 million followers on TikTok, she is one of the most famous content creators in all of Spain. Although she is known for her musical talent, on the platform she shows what her life as a singer is like, she dances and uploads popular choreographies, and also announces her new releases or makes videos that are more specific to the platform, such as trying to food from other countries, viral trends or videos imitating his former partner Rau Alejandro.

@rosalia hhahajj ke nooo?????? @rauwalejandro ♬ original sound – La Rosalia

In terms of music related content, we also have Twin Melody, two twin sisters, Paula and Aitana Etxeberria. They usually cover a set of current songs and follow the viral trends on TikTok and also create tutorials on those trends for their followers to follow. Their success on this social network has led them to become known in other areas including their TV collaboration (El Hormiguero) or their role as singers, participating in the Benidorm Fest 2023.

In terms of music, we also have Mar Lucas in sixth place, who recently released a song with the famous Cali y el Dandee and Juan Magan. He also usually makes videos about dance and viral trends.

Entertainment content: couples, jokes and humor

On the other hand, this Judith Arias, an influencer who managed to stand out on the social media platform TikTok in record time with her boyfriend Angel Vargas. Your content in TikTok usually revolves around humorous situations and fictional issues in between. With over 65 million views, one of her most popular videos shows Judith making her boyfriend believe she is about to give birth. He has also partnered with brands such as Shein, the Chinese e-commerce giant.

@judiitharias Pop Up @SHEIN @SHEIN Spain 🌸 From 20 to 29 July come and enjoy! 📍You can find it at CC El Triangle Plaça Catalunya 1-4, Local E, 08008 •DISCOUNT CODE: arias15•WEAR YOUR WONDERFUL ✨ Open Monday Saturday 10:00/22:00 Sunday 12:00/20:00 #SHEINXBarcelona # SHEINBCNPOPUP #meetSHEIN #SHEINforAll #SHEINpartner ♬ original sound – Judith Arias

skyandtami, is a couple formed by Tami, who is Japanese by birth but grew up in Spain, and Sky, who is Ukrainian by birth, but grew up in Argentina. They both currently reside in Canada and create content in English about their family life, although they also have an account dedicated to their Spanish audience as they are one of the most famous couples on the platform.

When it comes to entertainment content, it stands out Inmagicwhich, with its magic content, has managed to attract over 12 million subscribers.

Wellness and Mental Health

Promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle is another recurring theme in which they share exercises, healthy recipes, and tips for mental well-being, such as content rollerblade ferret, who talks about what it means to be on the autism spectrum, about mental health and makes videos about it with humor, but increasing its visibility.

Finally, in the top 10 Spanish tiktokers we have lola lolitawhat you already know they caught him Their dances and performances allowed him to collaborate with brands such as Loreal or Paco Rabanne and even win the Idol Award for best tiktoker. She also makes beauty and fashion videos.

@lolalolita💖♬ original sound – Lola Lolita🌸

These are just some of the most influential female social media tiktokers in Spain, increasing the representation of women on the platforms and setting an example for many young people. Did you know them all?


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