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The week running between 7 and 14 August is a clear example of the musical diversity of Latin America. If more urban than other genres, we also have Mexican regional, cumbia, Colombian popular, merengue, reggae, hip hop and even old classics.

Compruébalo is reviewing our entire inventory.

hot song Mexico

“Tenemos Que Hublar” – Danna Paola

Following on from her collaboration with Dennis Rosenthal, Danna Paola returns with Sensillo, a different take on the pop electronics we’ve been given recently. However, its public response is such that, a little more than a week after its debut, it is already the song with more chances to enter the top 20 in Mexico.

hot song usa

“Pa Olviderme de Tus Besos” – Lenin Ramirez & Banda MS, by Sergio Lizarraga

Again this collaboration has emerged as the top Hot Song of the week in the USA. A theme in which Leni Ramirez, Valo Silvas and Alan Ramirez duet aching voices for a bad love.

hot song Dominican Republic

“Amancio – El Mayor Clásico x Elvis Martinez

Meranhouse of both these shapes is in fashion in the Dominican Republic. It appears as Hot Songs #1 on our list for this week, second only to “Kitipoo” by Lapis Conscious ft. Vaquero, and “Difficil de remplazar” by Amenazi.

hot song Colombia

“Por Un Vebon (Ella Ya Se Canso)” – Marlon Arenas

The Colombian popular is very present on our list, and this week thanks to Marlos Arenas. One of the most enthusiastic guys of this genre, this guy gives us the theme of women empowerment, which has been received excellently.

hot song Guatemala/Central America

“Macorina” – Los Chapicumbia

This week Central Americans cheered the Guatemalan group, Los Champicumbia, who have performed their own version of the classic Latin American song. Of course, they add their own cumbia beats, giving the theme a danceable spin.

hot song Ecuador/Peru

“Lala” – Myke Towers

If so, the song will rocket to #1 on MonitorLatino’s Top 20 this week, continuing to debut as Hot Songs #1 in Ecuador and Peru. A song that will be played on top of the best songs of 2023.

hot song Venezuela

“No Se Cai” – Magic Juan

Magic Juan is one of such artists who constantly appears on our list, especially in Venezuela. August 4 saw the premiere of his most recent Sensillo, this time alone, an urban merengue that’s already trending.

hot song Chile

“Goodbye” – Maria Becerra, Rafga

La cumbia is a genre that is not fashionable in Latin America. Still Demostran María Becerra and the famous group Rafaga, who are 4 months away from the debut of “Adios”, continue to top our list, this time in Chile.

hot song Argentina

“Ahora Lo Se” – Riddim

Reggae is another Latin rhythm that has become popular this year mixed with urban music, Bel in its original version. “Ahora lo se” is a preview of the next album of the Argentine band, which already has more than 20 years of experience.

hot song Uruguay

“KPop” – Travis Scott, Bad Bunny, The Weeknd

Travis Scott recently released his most recent album titled utopia, For the simple first go back to the collaboration with The Weeknd and take advantage of Bad Bunny’s closeness with the Kardashians to add it to the formula.

hot song paraguay

“Ta OK (Remix)” – Dennis, MC Kevin Ya Chris, Maluma, Karol G

Dennis has become one of the main musicians of this 2023 in Brazil, thanks in part to “Ta OK”, a song I made with MC Kevin. That is why he invites major urban artists to participate in the remix, which is now being sung in Spanish.

hot song Bolivia

“Makeba” – Zain

This is a very rare case. This is a new version of the famous song from the 50s by South African singer and activist Miriam Makeba.

hot song Puerto Rico

“Don’t Stop” – Natti Natasha

Nati remains at #1 in the Hot Songs category in Puerto Rico. Now another romantic song is dedicated to her love Rafi Pina, in which she answers who decided to photograph her being unfaithful. Looks great at Lo Romantico a la Dominicana.

hot song Christian

“Harto” – redmi2

Dominican rapper redmi2 premiered this episode 10 days ago and it’s already been placed as a favorite on Christian radio. Rap loud, musically grounded, but to the point it plays: the current confusion surrounding inclusion.

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