“He’s a really great guitarist” – Futuro Chile

The theme of actors being musicians is a very special one. Musicians are actors. Sometimes they are sold on Bien Muy Bien, but there are also occasions when their protagonists manage to grow positively in both industries.

And if at least that seems to be the case with Johnny Depp, who wants to be popular with an extensive list of movies and make millions, the guitar was chosen in the last decade to be part of the Hollywood Vampires, the band Alice Cooper, Steve Perry and Tommy Henriksen.

Many may think that Depp is small compared to the level of music stars of the rest of the members. However, in reality the actor is highly valued by the group.

Johnny Depp on Hollywood Vampires

The chameleon actor who has been praised recently is Alice Cooper, who has elaborated on the place the protagonist Pirates of the Caribbean between them.

In a new interview with The Torg & Elliott Show on QFM96, Cooper was asked what it was like sharing the set with Johnny Depp. “no ideas. No idea”, Bromio.

“It is very funny because what is left of the set, I am in the middle and Johnny is right there. All the women look to the right of the stage. From time to time I slip over there to watch for a bit and then go back to my place,” he explains.

However, he begins by praising his skills: “Johnny’s great.” When you’re with us, you’re not a movie star, you’re a guitarist. You are a great guitarist. Don’t you dare touch Jeff Beck until you do that.”

It has to be remembered that Depp starred with Jeff Beck in some of the finale of his 2022 tour, and last summer he published the album 18,

Then, Alice commented that “the band is very united.” We rang in the new year together and never discussed it. It’s just fun.”

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