Gold taps and interactive rooms: The secrets of Cristiano Ronaldo’s millionaire mansion that are leaving the star on the verge of despair – National

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez Building the best family homes in Portugal. An ultra luxurious house. Although, Cristiano frustrated with the 3,000-square-metre house in Cascais, in Quinta da Marinha. Budget overruns are the main headache for the Al-Nassr player.

that mansion

had a budget of 15 million euros it will already be 25 million, Therefore, the slippage of 10 million. In addition, the work was done very late and saw the intent of buying Ace surrounding landwhich is part of the golf course and which will be owned by him Champalimud family.

because of The huge increase in construction cost has now come to the fore A source close to the national team captain told Spanish magazine ‘Look’. Cristiano Ronaldo wants only the best for his new home. The publication is quoted as saying, “White gold faucets, smart and interactive rooms for five kids, heated swimming pools, an extra Japanese kitchen for making sushi. Everything is too little for him and it makes him want to pay more.” compels to.” And the luxury does not end here. The same publication said, “Cristiano ordered the construction of a suite with 300 m2. There will be a passageway under the indoor glass pool. In this way it is possible to walk under it and look up and see who is swimming.”

It should be remembered that it is not only the lack of budget that bothers Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 is equally angry with a lack of privacy, Being too exposed, this house does not meet the conditions required for one of the greatest football stars of all time. See what caused the controversy recently Lily Kanekas shared a video of the house under construction, Later, it was a youtuber who came inside and filmed the entire interior of the haveli.

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