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The premiere of the film “Gran Turismo” in cinemas is just the last example of the many adaptations on the big screen of popular video games, from “Super Mario” to “Tomb Raider” or “Final Fantasy”.

“Gran Turismo”: a tribute to video games based on real facts

This strap is inspired by the true story of a teenager, Jane Mardenborough, who started playing this video game to launch a career as a racing driver after a competition organized by Nissan and Play Station, which simulates driving a Bolide does.

Its cast highlights the participation of David Harbor (“Stranger Things”), Orlando Bloom (“Pirates of the Caribbean”), Archie Madekwe (“Midsomer”) or former Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell.

“Super Mario Bros.”, the most successful adaptation of a Nintendo item

After the ill-fated 1993 version with the actors, this new animated adaptation of the adventures of Super Mario and Luigi was released last April 5 with great success: its gross of more than 1,300 million dollars turned it into the taquilar film of the saga of video games to remain faithful to the aesthetics and narrative adopted on the console.

After the unfortunate version of 1993 with the actors, this new animated adaptation of the adventures of Super Mario and Luigi was released last April 5 with great success.

“Tomb Raider”: Angelina Jolie Moves On From Alicia Vikander

The pairing of the films “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001) and “Tomb Raider: La Cuna de la Vida” (2003) forever linked the adventures of Lara Croft with Angelina Jolie’s performance. In 2018, a new adaptation was made in which the heroine was portrayed by Alicia Vikander, to be repeated in a sequel whose premiere in 2021 was canceled indefinitely due to the pandemic.

“Street Fighter: The Last Battle”, the cult film in the series B

Capcom’s classic fighting game that revolutionized entertainment machines at the turn of the 20th century has had several transfers to the main screen, including an anime version.

Among them all, “The Last Battle” (1994) stands out, including a segment starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, a film that puts its plot in the service of violence and special effects, and which It has become a cult thing. A portion of lovers of videojuego and silly cinema of low estimation.

“Uncharted”: Tom Holland balances the god of cinema with video games

Premiering in February 2022, the saga’s first adaptation in theaters was one of the most anticipated to remember, one of the best premieres in the history of video game-inspired films: Tom Holland’s appearance as hunter Nathan Drake played a part. , which also stars Antonio Banderas, piqued the interest of audiences, signaling the arrival of a sequel.

“Final Fantasy”, a successful game and a cursed movie

If there’s a beloved title in the world of video games, it’s “Final Fantasy,” which has already spawned 16 installments since 1996 and a slew of games derived from the original storyline.

The most outstanding adaptation is 2001’s “Final Fantasy: The Inner Strength”, an animation tape that was a superproduction with an enormous budget at the time – $138 million – and was a colossal failure for Tequila that even Forced to shut down his production company, Square Pictures. But over time it has been claimed as a film that captures the spirit of video games very well.

The unexpected success of “Pokémon” with the movie “Detective Pikachu”

If so, the saga of training and fighting between fantastic creatures is a veteran in the field of adaptation (the original video game from 1996 was told with its own anime series the following year), announcing a film voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The popular Pokémon Pikachu was greeted with reticence by the public.

However, the film pleasantly surprised the audience and was successfully received in a package exceeding $400 million, leading to the announcement of a sequel already in the recording process.

The film pleasantly surprised the audience and was successfully received with a package of over $400 million.

Sonic goes from television to cinema in a live-action trilogy

Following the debut of ten television series and telefilms inspired by the popular platform game, 2020 marks the jump from Blue Arizona to celluloid with a film that blends actors with 3D animation of the protagonist, Antonomasia. , facing his enemy by L.Dr. Robotnik, portrayed by Jim Carrey.

A project that began in very poor shape, the first version of the film was heavily criticized by video game fans in its first guesses, which forced Paramount to redesign the characters. But in the end it was successful which led to the second part, which premiered in 2022 and the third part has already been confirmed.



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