From her marriage to Angel Toos to her work as a biochemist

Proof of admission for the year 2002 was sabrina mahi In ‘Grand Brother’. The participant stood out because of her shyness, something unusual in a house where sticky hairs were clearly visible in the atmosphere from breakfast time, and her red hair. And the point is that the young lady won a place in the hearts of the audience until she became first female winner of reality and arrange a check for the amount of 300,000 Euros. Toma yes.

Sin embargo, habo otro detail que marco el contest de la malguena: su clandestino romance con angel toes, Yes, the same brother of actor Alejandro Tous. Even though the reconciliation between the contestants was more than evident in the house, it did not happen until the two confirmed their engagement.

Cupid bet and won, and the couple decided to take a step forward in their relationship and walk through the altar in 2003 at the convent of Santa Fez (Alicante), to later bring their first child into the world Could However, Uncle Tardo, have to break, In 2010, Angel and Sabrina, whom one server believes to be Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston from the telecinco area, made their separation public, claiming that “their ways were too far apart” and that “there was no third party”, television warned. save me’.

It was then that Mahhi opted to take a 180º turn and completely revamp herself. Approved high tech in environmental chemistry and environmental science and took charge of the quality department of a factory. According to a report in ‘La Vanguardia’, Sabrina is dedicating herself to whatever studies she has and from where she has hired a ship. Develop Your Biochemistry Project,

Photos | Gtres and Telecinco

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