Family sues player who inspired A Dream Possible movie

Nonsense Michael OherNFL player who was the focus of the film a possible dreamNominated for an Oscar in 2010, is suing the family that brought her story to theaters. Player alleges that she was never actually adopted by the Tuohies, that her winnings were taken advantage of by alleged relatives and that she never received a dime for the theatrical adaptations of her biography.

in the long run, Sandra Bullock Leigh Anne plays Tuohy and Tim McGraw Sean Tuohy, and the two are a couple who take on the character played by Oher. quinton aaron, In the story of the film, the Tuhys adopt the boy and encourage him to start a football career.

Now, in a lawsuit filed in a Tennessee court, Oher alleges the family embellished the story to enrich themselves at his expense (via ESPN, According to the player, the couple tricked him into signing a document making them his legal guardians, and took away the right to conduct business on his behalf. According to Ohr, the couple mistakenly claimed that becoming “legal guardians” is much the same as “adoptive parenting”. The lawsuit filed against the Tuhys alleges that the foster parents allowed Michael and the public to believe they were his adoptive parents for financial gain.

book and film release agreement a possible dreamAccording to Ohr, it was split between the couple and their two biological children, who each earned US$225,000 for the rights to the story – in addition to 2.5% of earnings not defined by the work. Ohr’s petition records that the player – and the film’s protagonist – never received anything for the production.

Yet according to Oher, he didn’t have time to comprehend what happened, as he began his career in the NFL in 2009. He stopped analyzing processes in 2016 after his retirement.

a possible dream was directed by john lee hancock and Bullock won the Academy Award for Best Actress.

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