Ecuador rolls out PERC tool to improve hospital efficiency and transparency – PAHO/WHO

Quito, August 14, 2023.-From today to August 16, Quito is hosting a “PERC Tool Implementation Workshop” attended by 125 officials from the Ministry of Health (MSP), both from the operating area of ​​the 25 public hospitals where it is located. initially implemented tool as a management team in the hospital management of this public portfolio.

The PERC tool, which stands for Productivity, Efficiency, Resources and Costs, is part of the Health Services Productivity Management Methodology (MGPSS), which is being implemented in the country under the leadership of the Ministry of Health (MSP). ) with technical cooperation from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO).

As of Monday, June 26, 2023, the country has begun the process of training technical teams and managers of MSP and its 50 public hospitals on the use and implementation of the methodology and its tool, which are presented as an alternative to facilitate the analysis of information, its relevance, effectiveness, the quality of medical care, the coordination of management agreements (contracts) and the management of costs and finances in the implementation of medical care. The first phase, which will run into 2023, targets 25 hospitals. They are the largest in the country and this Monday began training for officials in Quito. These medical institutions manage 78% of the total budget.

Oscar M. Barreneque, PAHO/WHO Representative in Ecuador, joined the MSP leadership, technical teams and leaders of the 25 public hospitals that are starting to roll out today to open the tool implementation workshop.

In his presentation, Dr Barreneche explained that PERC is a tool that will help in making managerial and administrative decisions in public hospitals, increase their efficiency and thereby contribute to improving the access and quality of health care services. In addition, he pointed out that the implementation of this methodology is also provided for in the Ten-Year Health Plan for 2022-2031, one of the goals of which is to optimize resources and public spending.

The PAHO/WHO representative in the country also supported and congratulated the SME teams that are involved in this implementation. He thanked them for continuing the process developed this year and said that applying this tool will allow them to take more pride in their work, improving the efficiency of their management to improve access for the entire population. for medical services a higher quality of health.

This management methodology (MGPSS and its PERC tool) is presented as an alternative to: cost and resource rationalization; maximize productivity; and increase transparency. Well, through the analytical process of information, it will provide more tools for evidence-based decision making. With the information already available, correlations will be presented selectively to suggest a strategic vision for the management of health services.

Over the past 15 years, the MGPSS technical cooperation process has been enhanced by implementation experiences in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and now Ecuador.

With this collaborative action, PAHO/WHO reaffirms its commitment to technical cooperation with Ecuador to protect the health and well-being of all people.

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