Does Shakira Have A New Romance With Drake? it’s a rumor

Shakira and Drake were caught leaving a party in the early hours of Sunday, leading to rumors that they may be romancing.

According to DailyMail, the ‘Sale el Sol’ interpreter was caught with the rapper at the West Hollywood Den in California, where they stayed for more than 5 hours.

Although they were not photographed together, it could be seen in the pictures that Shakira was standing perfectly dressed in fashionable attire. She flaunted her hot and sensuous beauty in a pair of straight jeans and a light orange top.

Round off your look with some smoked gray tacos with a transparent heel.

While Drake Lucia wears thin lenses, a simple white player, with a deep blue flame. His jeans were Suelto style and for more comfort I opted for some beige sports sneakers.

To complement his ‘comfortable act’, he decided to go home with a glass of wine in his right hand. If you have to pay extra to pick up something from that place, don’t pay any extra.

Una’s source revealed that they split at 3:20 a.m. so that they can’t be related, the ‘Hotline Bling’ cast got into a truck with a glass of wine and left.

A few months ago Shakira was related to Lewis Hamilton, the singer traveled to the Grand Premio de United Kingdom and possibly won a prize that is a gift, the Fuerón de Fiesta with friends of the pilot and even Hamilton Sasha and Has also lived with Milan, Hijos de la Colombiana.

Users consider it more of a coincidence than a possible romance, as many celebrities have common friends, so it would not be rare for them to run into each other on occasion.

As of now, neither Shakira nor Drake has said anything in this regard.

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