Digital Tickets, the tool with which Ticketmaster seeks to avoid events like Bad Bunny by EL CEO

© Reuters. Digital tickets, the tool with which Ticketmaster seeks to avoid incidents like Bad Bunny

Ticketmaster introduces a digital ticket With which it is intended to tackle the persistent problem of illegal resale and rigging of tickets at events.

Safetics, the name of the new ticket, is part of a series of digital tools the company has started implementing in recent months, such as virtual queues.

According to ticket This technique will allow you to avoid the situation that happened during the Bad Bunny concert on December At Estadio Azteca, when a large number of counterfeit tickets clogged its system and the assistants no longer had access to the authentic ones.

We have the certainty and full confidence that we have the right tools so that this does not happen

said Ana Maria Arroyo, the company’s director general in Mexico.

Arroyo noted that tickets are already accepted at venues such as Arena México and predicted that it would be available in all buildings nationwide in the coming months.

Tickets, the issuance of which will not be at any additional cost to the User, It contains a code that updates every 15 seconds And counts with a mobile element, which is why it doesn’t work when screen captured.

Assistants can show the ticket from the app or store it in a wallet so the reader can scan it when entering the immobile.

In addition, tickets can be transferred to other people by providing their mail and name.

Refuse to participate in resale

In regards to users’ reports of difficulties purchasing tickets and how the company facilitates sales, Arroyo dismissed the allegations.

Ticketmaster expressly disclaims any association or assertion that we participate in any way in Mexico in resale or in practices that facilitate the sale of tickets to the hands of workers.

say arroyo

The directive justified the problem that unprecedented demand for events in Mexico is being recorded, which has created complications when obtaining tickets.

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