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here’s another one Ottono-Invirno trends from the year 2000 to 2023 This is the reason why fashion lovers are unanimously in favor of it. Chain Belt, Favorite Accessory of Britney Spears At the time of ¡Oops…! i did it again, y day Jennifer Lopez it’s on its way back

new chain belt

Some pieces reveal their potential as soon as they step onto the walkway. It can be assumed that the chain belt has this effect Channel Thief Virginie ViardY N Versace Thief dua lipa or Donatella Versace, among others. Fashion houses and brands that have introduced their own versions have turned this trend into the star of the season. And now we can announce that it will be here for the next season as well.

chanel resort 2024 fashion show


La Vacanza Versace Fashion Show


How to wear chain belt according to celebrities?

sensillus, with logo, firm, pocket or decorated with stone work… All fashionistas follow this trend, Forget low jean or streetwear style, this accessory is the worst! Get it to amp up a summer dress, a pretty little black dress or a workshop look.

This Accessory Defined a Fabulous Night Out Miley Cyrus On set, it was super chic Elsa Hosk On the Blue Coast, amazing for angele on the red carpet met gala 2023splendid with stone work sophia richie In Paris, nostalgic as per the 2000s effect Lena Mahfouf at the Festival de Cannes, and even for innovative barbie (I say best margot robbie) during the film press tour of greta gerwig, All these celebrities have confirmed the fashion status of this accessory with its allure of 2000 effect.

Miley Cyrus



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Lena Mahfouf

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margot robbie

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What are the best belts to wear in Ottone – Winter 2023?

To make the most of this accessory, choose a versatile and easy-to-use model provide a plus of style Every glance

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