Charles Roven, Oppenheimer producer, says there will be an undisclosed sequel

Charles Rowen He is one of the most experienced producers in Hollywood having worked on films like trilogy night rider and bandages zack snyder Inside dc extended universe, enjoying success today oppenheimerA stunning film that tells the story of the scientist who developed the atomic bomb and was directed by the ever-reliable Christopher Nolan,

The producer is used to the fact that the public is enjoying the projects he works in and this was the case unresolvedlease operated by Ruben Fleischer Synonym based on video game Play Station, In this case, the creative team sought great talent to star in the story and lead roles, nathan drakewas responsible for tom hollandA young man who became strong in the industry with his personality Spider Man n l mcu,

Uncharted adapted video game to cinema very well

summary of unresolved They say: The wily Nathan Drake is recruited by veteran treasure hunter Victor Sullivan to recover the riches lost 500 years ago by Fernando Magellan from the Casa de Moncada. What begins as a work of charm for the pair becomes Trotamundo’s race to reach the prize before the ruthless Santiago Moncada, who believes he and his family are the legitimate heirs.,

What can I say about it? Charles Rowen, “Yeah, we can’t tell you anything about this movie. The fans enjoyed it a lot, as well as the people who did not know anything about the game, they also enjoyed the film a lot. So, we’re definitely looking at how to do another one of these.”producer highlights in conversation with hollywood reportR. If you are a fan of the game and you enjoyed the movie then be patient!

and in this moment tom holland If you are taking a break from acting but there are some people who believe that your return would hinder marvel cinematic universe to revive Spider Man after the incredible success of no way home, i respect the second part unresolvedit may be that it focuses on Nathan Mayer, but there’s no need to forget that the first lease ended with a cliffhanger To continue the story presented on the big screen in the future as well.


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