¡Cejas al planchado! Learn the art of nailing your look

Attention, baskets fans! If you believe you’ve tried them all beauty tips for basketsA pleasant surprise awaits you. planchado de sejus It is the latest fashion that is hitting the streets and social networks. Below we tell you what you need to know about it unbelievable trend, ¿Listo? let’s immerse ourselves in this world Brown Lamination.

¡Cejas al planchado!  Discover the art of grooming your eyes - sejus-al-planchado-discover-the-art-of-combing-your-mirada-photo-1

This trick has been adopted by stars like Rosie Huntington, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and many more. influencer of fashion. The basket plancha has been turned into a popular pick on the red carpet. Its application and dramatic effect,

¿Camo se hace el planchado de sejas?

Basket planchet is performed with specific products, such as gels and waxes, and a careful technique, Here are the basic steps:

  1. clean the baskets, Use a mild cleaner to make sure no shame accepted or wasted,
  2. apply product, use a small brush to apply special gel or wax in the desired direction.
  3. fix size, With a brush of cissus or comb, alyssa in the direction you like,
  4. Dry, Allow product to dry. You’re ready!
¡Cejas al planchado!  Discover the art of combing your eyes - sejus-al-planchado-discover-the-art-of-combing-your-mirada-photo-3
¡Cejas al planchado!  Discover the art of combing your eyes - Sejus-al-planchado-discover-the-art-of-combing-your-mirada-photo-2
How to care for ceja planchado?
  • Attempt don’t blow the baskets with strength.
  • use quality products Specifically designed for Basket Planchado,
  • If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test To avoid irritation.
¡Cejas al planchado!  Discover the art of combing your look - sejus-al-planchado-Discover the art of combing the brown-lamination-in-your-brows
draw on experience

If you prefer to leave it in expert hands, there are excellent professionals in Mexico City such as: Ana Lucia Cortina, Fernanda Issa and Sandra Ruens.

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