Camilo Blanes’ mother assures she is doing everything possible to save her son

Camilo Blanes with mom Lourdes Ornelas / Courtesy

Camilo Blanes with mom Lourdes Ornelas / Courtesy

Lourdes Ornelas, mother of Camilo Blanes, son Camilo Sesto, confessed in an interview ending Due to problems with addictions, she is being in charge of posthumous programs dedicated to the singer, who died on 8 September 2019.

Through a telephone link from Spain, Ornelas explained that in the next few weeks four documentaries dedicated to the life of the interpreter of “Perdonam” and “Jamas” would be released.

“It is already finished, of course, it has been presented at the San Sebasti├ín Festival from September 22 to September 30 (…) Finally they reached me because unfortunately Camilo cannot be involved in these matters and this project is priceless because it talks about the most important period of Camilo Sesto”, explained Lourdes.

Blanes’s mother explained the state of health of Sesto’s only descendant:

“Camilo now I can’t do much although I am doing something and I can’t do much more than that but I think we can help you I tell you it’s very difficult here because you are 40 You are old (you are an adult), but we are in Ello y yo estoy muy pendient de el todo el tempo.

Finally, Lourdes Ornelas revealed that she is in charge of the museum that exists in the singer’s honor in Alcoy, a municipality and city located in the southeastern part of Spain, in the province of Alicante.

“I’m taking everything with me, because the house is going to be lost, I’m taking the coach, I’m taking the clothes, whatever you can take, because there’s nothing at home”, he concluded.

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