Call of Duty fans think the game is now like Fortnite with this recent set

The current Call of Duty has received a lot of content both free and paid lately, the latest bundle has made many fans think that the game is very similar to Fortnite due to the introduction of this operator.

Disappointment (as always) has reached Warzone fans, who claim that the operator, named “Izzy”, looks more like a Fortnite character than himself. call of Duty.

Recently, the game has become more about operators, bundles and skins than about content. It’s all about microtransactions, which some users (on Reddit), for example, have complained about the new game system, how colorful its characters can be, and while Fortnite has a lot of collaborations, it’s all about in-game purchases at the end of the day.

Some examples:

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by u/Licensed_Ignorance from the discussion of what skin this is bro
in CODWarzone

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by u/Stevie22wonder from discussion of what skin it is bro
in CODWarzone

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by u/Umbrella2k from wtf discussion this is skin bro
in CODWarzone

User complaints are obvious: Call of Duty operators tend to be a bit more realistic and less colorful. In a recent collaboration, we could see The Boys characters come into the game with a very eye-catching style, other operators have fairly modern effects, but this pop culture character makes the game more childish than usual.

In fact, many people think the opposite, since the game should not be so “realistic”. Since there are other simulation style games for that, it’s a bit more fun to play, although it’s more difficult. The idea is to make the game sell, and that’s what they do.

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