Beyonce now supports Lizzo after clearing her name on some ‘Renaissance’ shows

plot of lizzo We’re returning a little local for all those who enjoy a moment of dramatic Salsio in the pop world. Here’s a summary of the status as of closing:

  • three dancers demand one lizzo From sexual harassment and toxic work environments.
  • In the beginning, they highlight a series of very specific situations, supported by the testimony of other people who worked with the artist, which give verisimilitude to the subject.
  • lizzo issues a very vague statement that tipped the balance not only in your favor.
  • las dancers offer an interview tmz where you thank lizzobecause all your testimony is based on those things “they believe” Hey”perisbian» None of you are hechos.

It’s all right, Beyoncé. Why? Puss because during Tour Day’renaissance‘, the singer had chosen to perform with him ‘Queens Remix’ In ‘Break My Soul’which except to be on it’the trend‘ In mother of jesus, to pay tribute to black women in the industry, uses the same rap, changing the lyrics of the song. from them, lizzo,

And what happened next, when there was a dispute with Lizzo in the show, Beyonce had removed her name during the rap. In one show it could be assumed that he simply took air at that moment, in another he wanted to throw a dart. Erica Badoo repeating your name several times (Badoo i said so beyoncé copied her look), but at one show she puckered up to straight lips.lizzo«, which was already an excessive accumulation of casualties.

And yet, the story has changed in Atlanta. Exactly when, as we said, the balance now seems to be in Lizzo’s favor. beyoncé He has nominated the artist, clearly aware that his silence was commented upon, and that is not all, just the bell that has rung. “I love you Lizzo!” As if follow or Wild See you on your own tour.

Muchacha, who made the video of that night of love in AtlantaOk, To be clear, the public is very confused: Beyoncé, who rarely decides to get into an issue because she rarely talks about anything, has, in fact, now chosen to support Lizzo. Come on, how badly do you get out of this whole thing… we’ll see beyoncé Ventriloquy and mime are doing during this rap.

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