• This is in line with an agreement concluded in May last year by the State Committee for Health Protection.

While the optional use of face masks in Baja California Sur remains in place, the health sector is pushing older adults and people with underlying medical conditions to use them when they are indoors and outdoors where healthy distancing cannot be maintained. to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases.

Healthcare providers are advised to pay special attention to residents of Southern California who may be more vulnerable to these infections due to a weakened immune system, such as people aged 60 or older, people with hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, and pregnant patients, said Ana Luisa Guluarte Castro, branch secretary of state health director.

While the incidence of Covid-19 at our facility remains low, with 59 active cases reported this week, all of whom are at home due to mild symptoms, it is important to remember that the disease can become severe in people with higher risk factors. because of her age and because she already has other conditions that limit her body’s response to pathogens that cause respiratory infections, such as the Sars-Cov-2 virus, the doctor explained.

In this sense, he emphasized the importance of citizens starting or completing their vaccination regimen against this pathology in order to strengthen their immune response to the possible impact of the pathology, noting that in the organization’s medical centers these biologics are applied to people as young as 18 years of age. and older.

In addition, the institution is conducting diagnostic tests for patients with respiratory signs at the health centers themselves, which is key to proactive surveillance of the disease, said Guluarte Castro, pointing to the recommendation that people with associated symptoms use a face mask to avoid possible infections. .

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