Basic Instinct is getting a comic book version

basic instinct comic book cover

basic instinct comic book cover

Basic Instinct, the 1992 erotic thriller starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, is getting a comic book adaptation.

To create the first comic book series based on the Sumerian Comics film, Cuban illustrator Vanessa R. Del Rey, with Stone playing mystery writer Katherine Trammell who is accused of being the prime suspect in a murder. Information is from Deadline.

Described as a “continuation of the Katherine Trammell story”, the comic series will follow an unnamed artist who draws inspiration from famous murders – her latest exhibition inspired by Trammell’s “Icepick Murders”. When an exhibit security guard is murdered on the night of the opening, the art director responsible for the opening is thrown into an investigation that forces him to question his own involvement.

Del Rey has worked for Marvel Comics on titles such as Scarlet Witch, Alpha Spider-Woman and Daredevil Annual. The cast will work closely with writer Sam Freeman and colorist Keela Valerio.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, Basic Instinct was a major box office success, grossing $352 million worldwide and earning two Academy Award nominations.

The comic adaptation will be released on November 1st in US comic stores and also online.

View variant cover:

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