Bad Bunny and Drake announce new collaboration during Grupo Milenio concert

at a concert last sunday Drake In Inglewood, California, bad bunny I was just marveling at the great love that is with me Kendall JennerBell announced what would be their next musical collaboration.

Announce new collaboration between Bad Bunny and Drake

The second can be seen in videos from social networks and in US media reports, The rapper took a break during his performanceto make it known that he would be parting ways with Puerto Ricano again.

He told the crowd, “I want to say something to everybody, because we are Los Angeles and we love them.” Benito and I made a song so there’s a song for everybody on my album and it’s a reality,

Bad Bunny and Drake, the Formula Puerto Ricans Know

the last time they worked together drake and bad bunny It was a big deal for both, but most of all for the Puerto Rican. It was about singin’MIA‘ and reached the post count number 5 Billboard Hot 100,

Esto fue de speciale para el puertorricano, pues marco for the first time in which a sensillo as the main performer Bad Bunny was one of the most listened to songs in the United States, for drake, he represented occasion 26 when he hit the jackpotBut this was the first time he sang entirely in Spanish.

When is Bad Bunny and Drake’s new song out?

new song of Bad Bunny will appear on the album for all dogs, However, it is not known what will be the release date for both the album and the song, if it is chosen as the second one.

Bad Bunny parted ways with Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian

that night, bad bunny I got along well, I could go with his wife less than his bride, Kendall Jenner And he was accompanied by the famous businesswoman and television star Kim Kardashian.


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