Apple sued over ‘Tetris’ movie

The author of the book that will be made into a movie claims they did it without permission.

Apple sued over 'Tetris' movie
The cover of the film “Tetris” with Taron Egerton as the main character.

The premiere took place at the end of March on Apple TV+. tetrisThis biographical thriller which collects events related to the launch of the first version of Tetris in Russia in 1980, at the height of the Cold War, and which could be the reason for the recent lawsuit against Apple.

In particular, who files a lawsuit against a technology giant, Danny AckermanHe author of The Tetris Effect: The Game That Mesmerized the World, the 2016 book on which this Apple movie is based. Apparently without the permission of the author. Tetris still remains major entertainment brand thanks to games like Tetris Effect and even a Minecraft player, it was possible to create a fully functional giant tetris.

The hardest tetris game

In fact, Ackerman sues Apple, The Tetris Company and Noah Pinkfilm screenwriter, author use parts of his book without permission (via comic).

It would have started with Ackerman giving The Tetris Company an advance copy of his book, but this refused to license the title or images of the game and “sent a strongly worded cease and desist” to Ackerman to prevent him from seeking an adaptation despite there being “numerous interested film and television producers”. Apparently, Ackerman stopped thinking about filming the book at the time, but a movie about him was also announced in 2020.

The writer claims that by preventing him from making an adaptation, The book was donated by Noah Pink adapt it to the script, despite the fact that Pink “was unknown in the film industry and he didn’t have a script to his name“. The lawsuit alleges that “the film “Tetris” almost identical in almost all material respectsincluding certain chapters and pages from said book that were simply carried over from the book to the movie.”

In the lawsuit, Ackerman is seeking “actual and compensatory damage for the amount equivalent to 3% of total production budget“from tetris as well”penalties equivalent to 3% of the total production budget.”

We will see what kind of lawsuit it is in the coming months, but if it is successful, Ackerman could get a small fortune for the film adaptation of his book.

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