Against the clock! 5 anti aging foods

Have you been told, sir, several times this week? Do you think you look 45 and you are 28? It’s time to awaken your curiosity and do it.

Berenice Villatoro
• August 14, 23

If you are looking for hack which makes you lose about 15 years in a few months, you’ve come to the right place, especially since I’m going to recommend some foods to help slow down aging and what’s more, they’re very good.

Products to help delay aging

Most of us live on the edge, rush to work but get up early, play sports, go to drink with your friendship, and zero is worth it to look terrible, you need to be in your 20s, even if you are already 50.

Look, American Society of Gerontology did a lot of research and everything points to the fact that metabolism This is due to the fact that you see yourself from 60 am to 8 am, because the cells associated with aging they refuse when you eat poorly.

And stick to this impact data: the fewer calories you eat, the less you’ll age, so calorie restriction it will save your life and make you look like Tom Cruise at 60.

Except Mayo Clinic investigated the issue of calories, and they believe that we are those who insist on their own, because not all exercise, you also have to get into these foods that slow down aging.

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Hours don’t pass hours!

Salmon, tuna and lentils

These three products, especially when combined, will bring you many benefits in terms of liverkidneys and may even help you reduce breathing problemsso if you don’t quit your cigarette, these three will be your salvation.

Green tea, cocoa and blueberries

If you are one of those with almost old parents, little grandparents and great grandparents who looked 60 at 27, please get together and change your DNA with something as simple as a cup of tea.

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Dark chocolate

OuchIt is important that it is not white!, because then the benefit will disappear. The best thing is that a little bit of chocolate will make you feel fantastic because it antidepressant natural and relieves stress.


In addition to being delicious, they contain a lot of fiber and include flavonoids, catechins and tannins with properties antioxidants And anti-inflammatory agent.

Tell us, have you received these products to help delay aging?

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