Actors Union will not allow recording of independent productions during the strike

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While the Hollywood Strikes Continue Indefinitely TV and Film Producers Association cannot come to a reasonable agreement with screenwriters union And this actors guild, Now, the actors’ class has approved a change in the way the strike is being conducted, and the ban will impact independent productions.

for outsiders, free build – that is, those that are not financed by the major studios – are given a free pass to record during the strike, after entering into an agreement with the Actors Guild of America. But thanks to the intervention of the Writers Guild, that’s about to change (via). Diversity,

Last Monday (14), the leader of SAG-AFTRA announced that they would no longer be releasing independent projects. Remedy was recommended screenwriters unionThose who believe that a complete stop during the strike can help both unions.

“We have been advised by the Writers Guild of America that this amendment will help them execute their strike strategy, and we believe it will not reduce the usefulness or effectiveness of our (strike). This is a change that will benefit both sides.”

So far the Actors Guild has given special permission to even more 200 projects Independent, which will include big stars like Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway it is jason bateman, With the new measure, new productions will no longer be authorized.

Several actors have shown support for the shutdown, such as Mark Ruffalo, the Hulk of the MCU.

Although controversial, this decision should not interfere with the 207 projects that are already being produced. However, for it to pass, the studios and production companies behind these projects need to agree to the demands of the writers and actors.

A writers strike began on May 2, while actors strike was launched last month – right in the middle of a series of unsuccessful talks with the TV and Film Producers Association. All the demands raised by both categories include fair compensation, increase in residual wages, as well as greater regulation in the use of artificial intelligence in the production of films and series.

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