A fight at Bad Bunny restaurant forces Victoria Beckham to stay with her daughter

Andl inter miami This summer comes out stronger with the great players who have won together over the years Barcelona: Messi, Busquets and Jordi Alba. The Argentine star was the first to land in MLS, and he was followed by two former Azulgrana team captains. The trio wanted to stay together as they shared a great camaraderie and good chemistry on the field.

Whose fault is the reason for the gathering of three footballers in the United States? David Beckham. President of Inter de Miami He has managed to include all three in his team Your relationship seems to have extended beyond managers and players as well. Ya Se Les Ha Podido Ver A Los Cuatro were spotted with their respective ladies in the city in the state of Florida.

Victoria Beckham got into a fight with her daughter at a Miami restaurant

but the last farewell to marriage There was an incident with Beckham and Macy with Victoria and her daughter, Harper Seven. british media, daily MailThere is information that a skin is produced in a restaurant and that ex of spice girl I had to drop off Huendo with his daughter before a man with a bloody face arrived.

the families of both were having dinner At Restaurant Gekko, by Bad Bunny, But a member of the security staff reacted badly to looking like a guest If you want to take a photo with Messi. A test inside the restaurant was successful. In the pictures, Victoria is seen taking her daughter to the coach standing at the door.

The man who was attacked outside the restaurant told his friend I didn’t want to take a photo with Messi, he wanted to take a photo with his lady: “we were They jumped on top of each other trying to take photos, he hugged me and gave me a puentezo on my face. Just because my colleague tried to take a photo with his wife, not Beckham, not Messi, not anything else. It was somewhat familiar.”

Victoria Beckham with Antonella and some friends

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