3 Jennifer Lawrence movies to watch in streaming

As actress Jennifer Lawrence turns 32, we cinephiles pick 3 of her movies to watch on different streaming platforms.

jennifer schrader lawrence, was born on 15 August 1990 in Indian Hills, Kentucky, United States). The actress has participated in many productions, but on this occasion we have chosen 3 of them for you to see today.

Los Juegos del Hambre – 2012/2015

In the tetralogy of Los Juegos del Hambre, Lawrence put himself in the skin of Katniss Everdeen. With Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jeffrey Wright, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Julianne Moore and Sam Claflin; Became a part of four films. It should be noted that Moore and Claflin were not part of the first delivery.

In a production based on the novel by Suzanne Collins; The summary reads: “What was once the United States of America is now the nation of Panem; A grand capitol exercises strict control over its 12 surrounding districts which are isolated from each other. Each district is obliged to send one boy and one girl each year between the sweet and diciocho years to participate in the Hunger Games, which are broadcast live on television. It is a fight to the death, where only one can survive. Katniss Everdeen, a young ten-year-old girl, decides to take her sister’s place at the Games; But for one who has already seen death up close, fighting for survival is second nature to him.”

First Delivery is available on: Netflix, Prime Video, Movistar+ and HBO Max. third, Los juegos del hambre: cinsajo – part 1 y la forte; Los Juegos del Hambre: Sinsajo – El Final; Available on Prime Video, Movistar+ and Lionsgate. The End is also available on Star+.

Jennifer Lawrence Movies You Can't Miss

Silver Linings Playbook – 2012

silver linings Playbook, bright side of thingsin Spain and Chile; bright side of lifein Argentina and Uruguay, and game of luckis a dramatic and romantic comedy film directed in other Spanish-American countries David O. RussellAdapted from the novel, with a screenplay by Russell The Silver Linings Playbookwritten by Matthew Quick.

is starring Bradley Cooper and Lawrence, with Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Anupam Kher, Julia Stiles and Chris Tucker in supporting roles. After spending eight months in a mental health facility for assaulting his wife’s lover, Pat (Cooper) returns home to his father (De Niro and Weaver). Although he is determined to do everything possible to get his ex-girlfriend back, things take a turn when he meets a girl named Tiffany (Lawrence) who is struggling with problems and has a bad image . Despite initial mutual mistrust, a close bond soon emerges between them that will help them find the bright side of things”, shows the plot.

At the age of 22, Jennifer Lawrence received the Oscar for Best Actress for this belt. Which received a total of 8 nominations at the Academy Awards. It can be viewed on Netflix, Prime Video and Movistar+.

Don’t Look Up – 2021

Global warming is a topic on the agenda of many countries. don’t look up through, Adam McKayI tried to create awareness among the public, about the danger that is engulfing the planet and most of the time it is ignored due to bad environmental activities.

El film cuenta con un reporto de lujo. Tien A Leonardo Dicaprio or jennifer lawrence yes as a hero Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Rob Morgan, Jonah Hill, Mark Rylance, Tyler Perry, Ron Perlman, Timothée Chalamet, Ariana Grande and Scott Mescudias a secondary character.

Astronomy graduate student Kate Dibiaseki (Lawrence), and her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy (DiCaprio), make a discovery that is both surprising and terrifying: a giant comet is on course for a head-on collision with Earth. Another problem is… I think it’s important. Kate and Randall embark on a media tour to warn humanity that they will encounter indifferent President Orléan (Streep) and his son and cabinet chief, Jason (Hill), broadcast on The Daily Rip, a lively morning show presented by Bree. leads to (Blanchette) and Jack (Perry). The comet’s impact only takes six months, but it’s surprisingly funny to manage the flow of news and the attention of a social network-connected public before it’s too late. ¿Pero que a lo que he que para que el mundo my hacia arriba?”, marks the summary.

Received 4 Oscar nominations and may see Netflix,

Don't Look Up: An Actor's Cameo You Definitely Didn't Notice

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