15 best mobile games that will give you many hours of fun

mobile games They are perfect for playing outside while waiting for someone or just for relaxing in bed. Both its portability and its size are an advantage in this regard.

However, not all of these video games are just for pastime, many of them are time consuming. If you want to play something fast with short games, there are for example Mario Kart Tour. However, for mobile devices, there are also games that require a lot of effort and time on your part, such as MMORPGs, for example tibia or Genshin Impact.

If the idea is to only play when you go out, a game like Pokémon GO. Perfect for walking while catching Pokémon or hitting the gym. The mobile video game market deserves special attention due to the sheer number of audiences it can reach.

Except mine craftrest mobile games from this list they are completely free.

This list will display the various recommendations available for android And iOS (iPhone).

Pokémon GO: The King of Mobile Games

Pokémon GO

It was a real revolution when it came out on July 16, 2016. IN Pokémon GO You can catch the Pokemon you find by throwing your poke balls and collect them. The Pokémon that appear will depend on the area you’re in, the weather, and whether an event is happening.

In addition, you can choose between three teams: blue, yellow or red. And depending on your color, you can conquer certain gyms. In addition, you can also participate in tournaments to prove that you are the best coach in the world.

Like critics hobby consoles, one of its strengths is “its ability to connect people from all over the world”. Something that has been further enhanced by raids that require multiple players to defeat a boss Pokémon in order to be rewarded with catching that same Pokémon and other items.

pokemon unite

pokemon unite

pokemon unite belongs to the MOBA genre. A team of five players faces another on the battlefield, where they will have to shoot baskets at certain points on the map in order to earn points.

To dunk, you must get some balls, which can be obtained by defeating enemies. This is a game of strategy, as the team must correctly coordinate their actions along the three possible paths on the map (up, middle and down).

On the other hand, you will need to choose a Pokémon to control during the game and achieve victory. And there are different types: offensive, defensive, agile, balanced or supportive.

Choose your favorite Pokémon and organize with colleagues strategically win games. While this is easy to learn, there are many strategies you can use. Attack with your teammates to apply pressure, hide and attack at the right moment, run away if necessary…

It is not simple mobile game (Android and iOS), it is also available for free for nintendoswitch. Actually there is crossplay. So mobile players like Switch players can play together.

Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile

Want to shoot anything that moves? Call of Duty: Mobile it’s perfect for you. A shooter to have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere, killing other players.

Shooting accuracy isn’t as perfect as on PC if you’re playing on a touchscreen, but still adequate. Train rides will become much more enjoyable if you play a few games on Call of Duty: Mobile.

In addition, it has very good graphics. An outstanding and action-packed game where every kill is satisfying and highly addictive.

among us

among us

Find out who is the impostor who is killing the crew. To find out, you will have to talk and ask your companions at certain times. If they kill you, you won’t be able to speak.

among us It got better with updates. And although it is available for other platforms, this does not mean that it is not very good. mobile game. especially because This is a game that requires playing with a large group of people. and generally speaking, everyone usually has a mobile at hand. So, being free, you can play the game at any time with your friends.

On the other hand, playing personally among us With a mobile phone, it might even be more fun than playing remotely because of the laughter you can get from the reaction.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

If you’re looking for a mobile RPG, maybe Genshin Impact be the right game. Go on quests, defeat enemies and explore an amazing open world full of creatures, fantastic landscapes and things to discover. Gradually you will level up and progress.

This RPG offers a lot of freedom. In this sense, his inspiration can be seen in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The combat is addictive and visually it’s a beautiful game.

Genshin Impact also available for PC, PS5 And ps4.

clash grand piano

clash grand piano

clash grand piano is an online strategy game in which you have to fight against another player. This is a pretty fast game.

Your goal is to defeat the enemy by destroying his towers and castles. Defense and attack are controlled by cards. These cards represent warriors, archers, wizards, giants, dragons, etc. Each card has a summon cost.

It is easy to learn because its mechanics are simple. Therefore, it is available for all types of players. However, as you learn, you will become more strategic in your games and they will be much more fun! Also, unlocking things is addictive because it’s really you will feel like you are progressing.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

May be Mario Kart Tour do not match Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Nintendo Switch, but this mobile game is free to play with the convenience of playing on mobile.

Gameplay Mario Kart Tour It is ideal because it is simplified so that it can be played with one hand. The only thing you have to do is point the direction while you collect items that allow you to make it harder for your rivals.

Due to the simplicity of the gameplay, it is ideal for any type of gamer. Fun, addictive and perfect for quick play while traveling.


Screenshot TibiaME

tibia is a mobile MMORPG game inspired by the game of the same name tibia for PC. It may not be the most popular game on this list, but it’s worth a try.

This video game is 20 years old. You can choose between two callings: warrior or mage. The first has higher defense and life, and the second will be able to deal great damage with his magic, although he must be aware that he has enough mana.

The goal is to level up and complete missions that you find by talking to the NPC. This is an MMORPG with a world to explore. In short, this is a game that requires many hours if you want to be a high level player. However, this is what makes worthy adventure.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Do you want to play a racing game on your mobile phone? then you should try Asphalt 9: Legends feel the speed.

scheme Asphalt 9: Legends they are urban and therefore illegal races. It is for this reason that the police will play an important role in this game, as they will chase you.

Just because it’s mobile doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good graphics. In addition, they have a lot of details. Moreover, you will be able to complete daily missions for which you will be rewarded. IN Asphalt 9: Legends you will truly feel the speed in your hands thanks to its realism.



Strategic card game. Upgrade your deck and compete with other players. home It’s free, although you can buy boosters.

Although it is a card game, it has several mechanics and effects that cannot be replicated in real life. In a way, he takes ideas from the classical Magic: Gatheringbut simplified.

You will be able to develop good strategies by creating combinations with interactions between cards. It’s addictive and perfect for playing on the go.

Magic: Gathering Arena

One of card games most popular in the world mobile game. You can create your own deck using the points earned from victories and compete against other players.

Magic: Gathering She has a very large community. And, while it’s true that it can be quite a difficult game at first, a video game is the best way to learn because of the automation offered. gameplay. So if it catches your eye, don’t be shy and play.

It is worth noting that your account can also be used to play on PC. So, it’s ideal to keep playing your games of the day while you’re going somewhere, waiting for someone, or traveling.

PUBG Mobile

Do you like it battle royale? PUBG Mobile This battle royale difficult, where you have to defeat your enemies by finding weapons on the map. In addition to weapons, you can also control the vehicles that you come across.

It is worth noting that it has several game modes: battle royaleMode Arcadian for fast games and mode sand consists of commands.

PUBG Mobile This is a challenging game that will keep you on your toes many times. And that’s part of the essence of the game.

On the other hand, if you like a video game but are interested in something more futuristic and with better graphics, you have an alternative. PUBG New Condition.

mine craft

minecraft classic

mine craft It is available for all platforms. However, the very idea of ​​the game invites you to play it at your own pace and in a relaxed way, building your things and mining in peace.

The mobile format may not be ideal for combat, but for construction and mining, it can be a great game to pass the time in peace. In short, this title is very well suited for mobile devices due to its convenience. mine craft This is a game that can be played at your own pace, so thanks to the convenience offered by a mobile phone, You can play when you feel most comfortable and for as long as you want.

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel

Another of the most popular card games in the world is Yu-Gi-Oh. The mobile video game recreates the physical game for what it is.

It is also available for other platforms. Also, they all use the same account. So you can play on PC and mobile when you leave home, for example. The perfect format to play at your convenience.

It should also be said that the game is a good way to learn how to play this card game. So you have nothing to worry about if you don’t know.

Pokémon Quest

A game in a cubic style that gives it personality. Pokémon Quest is a game designed game freakthe same company that creates the video games of the main saga.

IN Pokémon Quest we will have to build our own base and create a team. You will have to explore different expedition zones.

This is the perfect game for those players who love Pokémon but want a simpler and friendlier adventure to pass the time. With its casual style, it can also be perfect for the little ones in the house.

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