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The DC Universe actor has gone from being one of the most loved superheroes to one of the most hated actors in the franchise.

Zachary Levi has moved on from giving life to one of the most loved superheroes dc universe To become one of the most hated actors. The actor had recently criticized Hollywood, saying that the industry “basura”. Interpreter requested during your presence chicago fan expo Last Saturday, moviegoers wouldn’t let themselves be fooled and actively decided not to watch bad movies. Pero sus palabras se han vuelto en su contra.

“I think the vast amount of content coming out of Hollywood is underrated”levi is right EW, “Les da como hacer buenos films para vosotros”.

The actor has commented that, although the trailers of the films are promising, the final product is not good. “How many times have you seen a trailer and thought: ‘Oh my god. This is good!’

how to add:

You know, once you’ve bought the ticket and are at Butaka, you already have your money. And the only way to change us is not to go to Basura. We don’t have to actively choose La Basura. This will help. it will help a lot

Levi has become a controversial actor for these and other statements he has been making since the premiere of his last film Shazam! wrath of the gods: From his criticism to his backlash against coronavirus vaccines Warner Bros. are El Sass Studio delivers like Shazam—second, not promoting the superhero sequel as a family movie.

One of Los Grandes Frecasos del Año

Shazam! wrath of the gods This has been one of the great failures of the year. the film only reminds of more than 133 million dollars All over the world and destroyed by criticism. And because of this, his statements regarding Hollywood have started coming against him.

He promised he’d be important at Marvel and didn’t in film and media: How Kevin Feige inspired Zachary Levi to go into ‘Thor’

“If Hollywood stopped making bad movies, Zachary Levi would lose his job”, comments a Twitter user. “So… we need to stop watching movies with Zachary Levi. That’s what he’s saying”, says another. “I want to say… ¿No estas Zachary Levi n un ‘reboot’ de Spy Kids?”, pointing to the other.

Ann redditmore than himself. ,shazam 2 Failing to break up with this uncle”, says one Redditor. “Hi! I hate Basura coming from Hollywood! Does anyone remember shazam 2, ¡La worst basura!”, points to another.

lo of course it is Shazam La Furia De Los Dioceses This isn’t the only recent failure of the DC Universe. No progress since the beginning of franchising Wonder Woman 1984 On December 2020 black adam or Glow I have not been able to meet the expectations. the next performance of the saga is blue beetlewho comes down on the cards 18 August.

it only worked BatmanThe Matt Reeves Film With Robert Pattinson That Covered Even More 770 million dollars All over the world. However, the film, although part of the DC Universe, narratively operates outside of the saga launched the steel man Where is Shazam from?

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