Travel with health and social media

Social media influences, and very strongly, when it comes to health travel. For this reason, it is very important to find a balance between the virtual and the real so that our mental health is not affected. And here we will show you how to do it.

This is a story that is probably happening right now in many parts of the world.

Our protagonist has just started her vacation at a dream destination she has been wanting to go to for years. That’s why he doesn’t mind getting up early to visit paradise beach. However, when he arrives, he discovers that other tourists had the same idea, and now on this beach, which is supposed to be deserted, there are more tourists than grains of sand, and more mobile phones than waves in the sea.

But our main character does not lose heart, because she knows that the main thing is to find the perfect frame. So he starts dodging sticks selfie and even turn off the beaten track until you reach a hidden cove where only a few have dared to go. “I have it!he exclaims when he sees the horizon.This photo is going to be epic!“.

Only then does she turn to her adventure partner, who asks him to place the camera in the right plane, while she herself poses to show the world how her “dream” vacation goes.

The result of all this adventure is what you can see below these lines:

reality vs photography

The story told is entirely fictional, but the imagery is very real. This image, which went around the world a few years ago, clearly shows how many people’s idea of ​​”enjoying a vacation” has been distorted.

In the past, discovering new places was a real challenge. But now, in the age of Instagram, the excitement of the trip (before, during, and after the trip) has been overshadowed by an almost obsession with finding the perfect photo that gets the most likes or “like“.

It is about a new enjoyment of relaxation, in which what is experienced at the moment is not so important as the representation that is given to the rest of the world in the form of an image of the moment when he lived.

It is no longer considered to be “being” at that destination, but it is considered that the whole world “sees” that you were there. And it does not matter if the chosen environment has ceased to be heavenly and has turned into a place overflowing with tourists.

In fact, this is what is currently happening. It is now customary to choose a holiday destination not because of its cultural or entertainment offering, but because it is best shown off on social media. Unfortunately, it has become commonplace for people to travel hundreds of miles to get to their dream destination and only stay there for five minutes after taking the appropriate photo.

One of the problems is that such a course of action affects the environment, which cannot withstand the pressure of so many tourists. First of all, if we are talking about ecosystems that had practically no contact with people before.

But it also endangers the health of these people.

How does life through the camera affect us?

It’s not the same as seeing things with your own eyes than through the viewfinder of a camera or cell phone. Many studies have confirmed this reality.

For example, it is known that our minds have difficulty remembering specific places and actions if, instead of experiencing them through the senses, we limit ourselves to videotaping or photographing the moment in which we live.

In addition, the mere thought of uploading the perfect shot to social media affects mental health. To the point that there is a correlation between time spent on these apps and increased anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.

But not only because happiness seems to depend on how many likes this photo gets. Also because the fact of life through the screen leads to disconnection from reality and even to the loss of identity and distortion of the perception of beauty.

The number of filters that are used in each shot, so that the result is “perfect”, sooner or later means that a person cannot recognize himself when looking in the mirror.

And the result of all this is visible every day with records of aesthetic operations, each time at an earlier age. In many cases, evenfeatured young people showing their photo with a filter wishing their face was like this”, – the president of Aecep (Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) noted at the time.

Travel healthy again and live in the present

Reconnect with the present and enjoy the here and now. This, which is always ideal, should also apply during the holidays. That is when we most need to enjoy the experience to recharge our batteries.

And there are many methods that can help you achieve this. Meditation, yoga, the so-called “conscious breathing” or attentiveness They have proven to be very effective when it comes to overcoming anxiety crises and reconnecting with the present.

And of course, trying to spend less time on social media or even leaving your phone at home when you go for a walk will help you achieve that goal.

Reconnect with the true essence of travel: discover and appreciate new and beautiful places not only with your eyes, but with your heart and soul.

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