The New York Bar Where You Can Always Meet ‘Celebrities’

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If you take a walk around Manhattan, chances are you’ll run into a celebrity. one of these common places where muchas go celebrities This is a restaurant that has multiple locations all over the city. It’s called Jack’s Wife Freda and serves food that combines the cuisines of its creators’ native places, South Africa and Israel. The first location opened in 2011 on Lafayette Street in SoHo. Whichever day you go, you can dine next to stars like Anthony Kiedis, the leader of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or Joe Jonas, as you can see in the posts he shares on Instagram. Account. Also, actress Pepper Perabo is the protagonist. El Bar Coyote– co-owner and investor in the West Village space.

hero of El Bar Coyote With Dean and Maya, founders of Jax’s Wife Freda.

Other celebrities who have been photographed having a drink are regular customers such as model Chrissy Teigen, actress Sienna Miller or singer Lana Del Rey.

In total, there are five Jax Wife Freda restaurants in the city of Nueva York. Its founders are Dean and Maya, South African and Israeli respectively, who met in New York, fell in love and decided to start this project together. The restaurant is named Dean Abuela in honor of Freda—Jack’s wife—who was a wonderful hostess and always made sure there was plenty of good food on her table.

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