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Twilight’s outspokenness has gotten her a lot of hate over the years. However, the person who hates Twilight the most is none other than its lead actor, Robert Pattinson, and it’s not hidden.

robert pattinson hates twilight
As Robert Pattinson watches the Twilight franchise. © Summit Entertainment

No matter how much you hate Twilight, there will always be one person who hates you the most: Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, he played Edward Cullen, the film’s dreamer (terrible), charmer (toxic) and protector (obsessive) with his fiancee Bella (boring).

Pattinson doesn’t even try to hide his dislike of Twilight most of the time, and honestly, it’s a little surprising he wasn’t fired for what I said about candor on camera. . It looks like he tried to get rid of the shitty vampires and shirtless wolf men by getting fired.

Nadi hates Twilight more than El Parto de Twilight

When promoting a movie you star in, especially if you have a lead role, it makes sense to make the movie look good. Robert didn’t think so and was always very honest about his views on Twilight, both the movies and the books.

While his co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have always tried to do PR work where they praised the film, Robert Pattinson hasn’t always seemed impressed. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite quotes about Twilight.

kirsten stewart taylor lautner
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner listening to how Robert hates Twilight (symbolically) | © Summit Entertainment

When I read it, it felt… like this was a book that shouldn’t have been published.

I can agree with this. I’ve read the books and seen the movies more times than I’d like to admit, and that’s about right. Things I didn’t pay for in life are tax exempt, so I can say that, but is it?

If Edward wasn’t a fictional character and he was known in real life, you know, he would have been one of those types that would have been an Assassin with an axe.

Again, a very accurate observation about Edward’s character. Bella was monitored while she slept and he took her to the forest more than once, and does she really sleep like that?

However, one of my favorite quotes from Robert Pattinson about his absolute dislike of Twilight is about author Stephenie Meyer. Cut and Simple:

This woman is crazy.

I hate fanatics too. Los Fanaticos Le Diron El nicknamed “R-Patz”. When I was asked about this in an interview, I simply said: “I’d like to wrestle with the man who invented it.” Edward would say something like Suena.

robert pattinson estuvo casi despedido del set, pero por otra rezon

One would think that his interviews could lead to problems, would you? Well, no, but you have problems for another reason: your work on set.

  • If after so much hate, obsessed with candor, you want to read the books again, here you have the whole collection For you.

In an interview with GQ, he shared that he had a very clear vision of Twilight that was slightly different from what the creators had in mind. Apparently, I heard “vampire” and immediately put on a rude and “emotional” act, which generated a lot of tension.

He was there when his rep and agent visited him on set and basically told him to get his cock ready if he doesn’t want to be fired. Re-adjusting her attitude worked, though after hearing what she thought of Twilight, maybe there would have been an opportunity for her to get out of there.

I regret that I did not maintain that act for some time.

Do You Want To Try? Here you have a small compilation of all the Robert Pattinson haters from Twilight.

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