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The documentary Patrulaje, partially funded by DiCaprio’s non-profit organization, Re:wild, follows the effort of a Ram indigenous group in alliance with the Creole, an African-descendant community, to stop illegal ranching in the Indio Mais Biological Reserve. In the past decade, more than 70 members of communities along the country’s Caribbean coast have been killed and thousands displaced as ranchers break laws protecting indigenous territories, according to the document’s creators.

worry about calls “Conflict Flesh” Han plagued the world market. If the US exports fresh beef worth about US$12,000 million per year, the country also buys beef from countries such as Nicaragua and Brazil.

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Last year, Nicaragua, the sixth-largest foreign exporter of fresh meat to the US, promised in 2020 it would monitor its livestock suppliers through reports that livestock are crushing indigenous rights and accelerating deforestation.

(Photo: Bloomberg)

(Photo: Bloomberg)

El Instituto de Protección y Sanidad Agropecuaria de Nicaragua (IPSA), the agency responsible for regulating farms and livestock, did not respond to requests for comment.

“We were trying to understand how the system facilitates this process of colonization and deforestation that is happening at a faster rate in Nicaragua than in any other Central American country”, says Camilo de Castro Baile, the Nicaraguan who directed the documentary together with American Brad Allgood.

According to Re:Wild’s Latin America director Chris Jordan, the United States’ involvement in the subject is contradictory. The government has issued sanctions against the regime of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega alleging human rights violations, he said, while US companies spend millions of dollars a year on Nicaraguan beef.

America constantly evaluates “The best way to use the tools we have” against abuses by Ortega’s regime, says a spokesman for the State Department. “Gobirnos must forfeit individual human rights or risk their country’s security interests.”Aquino should not expect that her political and economic relations with the United States will not be affected.

A bill filed in 2021 to ban imports into the United States of products manufactured on illegally deforested land has not been converted into law. Between 2019 and 2021, Nicaragua will export approx. 91% the race of its meat production, and 49% According to government data, most of your shipments were destined for the United States.

Indio Mais have been decimated since 2011 and much more needs to be done to protect indigenous peoples’ land and lives, says Nicaraguan environmental activist Amaru Ruiz, who is in exile as a result of threats and attacks on his home country. ,

(Photo: Bloomberg)

(Photo: Bloomberg)

“For these communities, the forest is their refuge, their home”Ruiz says. “It’s where you get food, resources to survive”.

According to Nicaraguan economist and former deputy Enrique Saenz, illegal cattle breeding is a difficult subject because of the lack of transparency and the importance to the economy of beef, one of Nicaragua’s main exports.

De Castro says that although officials in charge of law enforcement are aware that illegal ranching is taking place, arrests are rarely made. Pastoralists take over Indigenous lands, sometimes through violence, to expand their pastures and feed cattle, he said.

“Government officials are often willing to bend the rules in exchange for money or because they are working with people who have power”I say.

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