The Batman film directed by Ben Affleck will be more obscure and feature a new Dark Caballero

Ben Affleck’s solo project got canceled, but it actually could have been incredible.

The Batman film directed by Ben Affleck will be more obscure and feature a new Dark Caballero
Ben Affleck’s story would be too vague.

The Batman Franchise Has Made Us an Offer Lots of different actors to bring the Murciélago to life. However, out of all those who have enjoyed the paper. There’s one person who didn’t enjoy a movie alone: ​​Ben Affleck. The actor had thought of directing and starring in a new film called El Caballero Oscuro, but due to various circumstances this could not happen.

Now we know this movie is going to be really interesting, Affleck thought to explore Batman’s most problematic corners, thus offering a darker version. Something that the followers of this wonderful personality are looking forward to seeing. Although Nolan’s trilogy was practically perfect, A lot of people were really excited to see a black Bruce Wayne and Batman. Some Los Villanos are really scared.

Asi Habiz was a Batman film directed by Ben Affleck.

Jay Oliva has been heavily involved in the film and has been the only one to reveal new details about the project which was ultimately shelved. You can see all this in one of his interviews given to Medium Inverse. Of course, imagine if it would be cool that Oliva described the project “Ecozonante”. Looks like we’ve lost a truly persecuted and vengeance-thirsty Caballero Obscuro.

I can’t say much, except that it was Aczonante. it was the best. Make a couple of versions of the script until it’s where you are. When I joined, it wasn’t a second edition or anything like that, but it was what Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck had shown me. I worked on a lot of things related to Batman and what was really cool was that it brought together a lot of interesting Batman story lines that were never explored. The story Bane had in mind was going to cover something that had never been addressed in the comics, but was based on plot lines of the Batman mythos over the past 80 years.

The Batman film directed by Ben Affleck will be more obscure and feature a new Dark Caballero

In addition to Jay Oliva’s statements, Director of photography Robert Richardson also confirmed that the product was ready, but without restrictions that it might not appeal to everyone. The main reason appears to be the way in which Ben Affleck wanted to approach the dark side of Batman. confirming that The director was exploring aspects of insanity, talking about Batman’s interior and showing which part of him could be inside and which part could not.

Obviously, affleck was getting closer to arkham, which cinematographer Richardson described as engaging. After knowing this, Batman lovers are still looking forward to being able to enjoy this darker version of the Murciélago. This is something we have always wanted to see in cinema and to miss the opportunity to see it is a painful blow for many.

We’ll see if someone in the future will dare to delve a little further into the more adult aspect that Persona can offer us. you know a lot We can only wait to see the new products that DC’s renewed universe will have to offer us.

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