Successful cases of Beyoncé, Madonna or Rosalia

connection between fashion and music It’s narrower than ever because of collaboration Between luxury firms and the queens (and kings) of pop. a strategy with Brands connect with the public multitudinario de los concertos mientes Artists refer to their image as a style reference.

Maintaining the public’s interest in an age of constant promotion is a complex task, even for fashion companies. How to maintain relevance and expectation without going overboard Empty Marketing Strategies but not obsessed virginity As an antidote against forgetfulness? Looks like some of the biggest luxury sales of the past few months have found a solution: Upload your creations to the platform And wear the stars of music that extend to infinity the visibility of everything that shines.

“Fashion brands’ association with music stars has always been Key in the flow of trends. But maybe, right now it’s more noteworthy than ever, because we live in a society that is guided by exposure on social networks and where artists and performers are more separated from their musical side. are public characters and generate an experiential ‘fandom'”, explains Eduardo Sanchez, Director of Fashion School of the European Design Institute (IED) in Madrid, about the incident.

Regain popularity: Beyoncé ‘moves’ on stage

beyoncé it became even more apparent during your Renaissance World Tour, Started in the last month of May. The artist first associated with his friend Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, to create an entire capsule collection of high fashion Baptized with the name of his beloved and with him as the best ambassador.

But the artist was not limited to selling French. Loewe Nor did I miss the opportunity to be a part of the diva’s wardrobe. Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of La Casa, she has created many looks that have taken her around the world. One of the links a showy body with crystal applications Consisting of trompantes with motifs of hands and black latex gloves. Just three months after starting this strange artistic collaboration, Lowe has converted On the most popular brand of the moment. So reflect the fashion search engine List, Where do you rank the firm on the index published every quarter of the year? total three position gain In the classification with respect to the same moment in the previous year.

In the years since, as Beyoncé continues her renaissance fashionista tour, the singer has a slew of exclusive exclusive designs Pharrell Williams for Louis Vuitton, Amen from luxury brands like Gucci, Paco Rabanne, Valentino… I even left the artist in her catwalk-scenery blank to showcase designs by lesser-known artists, such as the Paris-linked Asturian Arturo Obagero, At a concert in Boston earlier in the month, he wore a boxing look that was specially made for his performance.

One Step Back, Another Step Forward: Madonna Did It Before (And Did It Again Today)

Madonna and the most famous corpse in history, designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for the 1990 Blonde Ambition Tour.

Of course, the fashion industry’s response to music isn’t exactly new. Madonna was to be recognized more than three decades ago The importance of fashion when projecting an image and build a character.

Who doesn’t remember that body with the conical chest from the bend blonde ambition In the 90s? Madonna herself wrote a letter on that occasion Jean Paul Gaultier, The makers of the original piece of corsetry, propose to work together. In 2023, the reign of pop is at the pinnacle of hello and for its next tour, festival trip, let the designer know Guram Gwasalia, co-founder of Vetements y Creative Director since 2021.

An image of the two bottles was thus shared on social networks to suggest what may have been the manufacturing process of the girl’s clothes. As explained by Guram (Se Bhai) Demna Gvasalia, creative director of balenciaga and nearly disappeared off the map after the firm’s last and controversial campaign, where the brand was accused of promoting child abuse), working with Madonna is for her “Un privilegio y un honor”.

“You’re a fighter, you’re an icon, you’re a queen,” the Georgian designer added on Instagram, deeply grateful for the professional opportunity the artist has provided. For now, we’ll have to wait to discover the styles as the start of the tour has been postponed due to Madonna’s health complications, but I can taste the artist’s excitement and her aggressive vision. Guram, Expectations are high.

Rosalia wears one of the models that Acne made for the lovely Motomami.

starting point for a new path online

Time to forge a fashion-music alliance, aesthetic code The image produced by the firm must be fitted exactly as in the enclosing engraving the artist in question. “The classic strategy of collaborating with artists that align with or complement a brand’s values ​​is important, but sometimes doing the opposite can send a clear message,” says Sanchez.

The experts of this idea are referring to Ahonda general ideas “Brand Rebranding Processes, in which modification of position and goal is paramount while collaborating with the artists represented these new values Could be a great strategy”.

If we talk about the changing compatibility between artists and brands, we get an example of collaboration Rosalia and AcneStudio. Catalana, founded in Stockholm in 1996, and the brand share a very solid aesthetic vision with a taste for blends. future inspiration Many of what we see on set are designed by the Swedish firm. In particular, for tour motomami He just reached you a few weeks ago, acne studio overall made 127 pieces, For both the singer and the accompanying dancers.

Plus, in this type of collaboration, no one is left hanging, as Rosalia lent her image to the firm’s autumn-winter 2022 campaign, before taking the stage dressed in Swedish style.

The silver Gucci monochrome that Harry Styles wore to his performance at the Grammys last February.

they also use

In the opinion of Professor Eduardo Sánchez, “the set has always been a place of experimentation for men’s fashion as well, because David Bowie, al rapero lil nas x Today, going through beauty movements like New Romantics or La Movida Madrileña. This diversity of men on stage will continue to be successful in comparison to the traditional masculine aesthetic and will in many ways define the trends we will see on the catwalk”.

Harry Styles This is one of the great flags of this fashionista movement on the platform. los lens monos and the lavish decorations that have been evident during the concerts love on the go Of course! enjoy with fashion It has gone from being an anecdote in the macho sphere to becoming an increasingly widespread habit among men tired of aesthetic restraint.

armies united with the British Gucci Once again, a cello is closely linked to his musical career and with whom he collaborates in and out of the set since the beginning of his solo career. With each appearance, the firm Strengthen your image and see your visibility increase While Styles respects his surname and manages to establish himself under that name A male reference in fashion. So much so, that last year it even dared to design a capsule collection with the famous Italian sale. When the set becomes the new walkway, everyone wins.

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