Overwatch goes from GOTY to lowest rated game in Steam history

Overwatch It was released in 2016, automatically gaining huge success with the public and critics. He Shooter from Blizzard it was like a real revolution that it could change and add more variety to the world online competitive first person shooter, but it was not only that, but the fact that Overwatch had a special charisma, especially thanks to its characters. The group of heroes that gave the game more life, namely Tracer, Reaper, May, Widowmaker, Wilson and company, delighted millions of players, but Blizzard did not know how to use the potential of another one of their chickens that lay eggs of gold.

Huge potential not only as a video game, but also as an entertainment product. People have been demanding movies and TV shows that focus on the Overwatch universe and its characters, and this is Blizzard in the end, he will delight us with incredible cinematography, but this never happened. Overwatch 2 was something a lot of people didn’t understand, and the confirmation after its release that Blizzard was ditching the story mode was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Overwatch 2 became Lowest rated game in Steam history with 91% negative feedback. Last Thursday, August 10, Overwatch 2 debuted on the Valve platform, and since then nothing good has happened around the game, and its Invasion expansion has not been able to save the rage of the players.

Overwatch 2 and its difficult walkthrough via Steam

Hero shooter from Blizzard accumulates more than 110,000 reviews on the platformand most of them are negative. The game has surpassed War of the Three Kingdoms as the lowest cost game in Steam history, oddly enough, the Chinese game, and that’s where the key to everything is going.

The discomfort many players experience in Overwatch is undeniable, but there is a long way to go from being the worst ranked player in Steam history. This is a clear bombardment of reviews, and this is mainly due to China as Daniel Ahmad comments on Twitter and this is what over 2/3 of the ratings come from the Asian giant, and 97% of them are negative. A distribution deal between NetEase and Blizzard caused Blizzard’s games, including Overwatch, to stop working last January, and they haven’t been able to play on their own servers since. The appearance on Steam gave the opportunity to express their discomfort on the international platform. Will Blizzard react?

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