Overwatch 2 manages to be the worst rated game on Steam with 91% negative reviews.

Blizzard’s first move to Steam drew heavy criticism. Overwatch 2 becoming the worst-reviewed title on the Valve platform.

The game has received about 120,000 reviews.and less than 10% of them are positive. Overwatch 2 dethroned “War of the Three Kingdoms” for the infamous lowest-rated game title of all time in Steam. A wave of criticism hit the game due to Blizzard’s approach to monetization and lack of content.

The debut of Overwatch 2 on Steam on August 10 caused quite a stir, collecting a huge number of user reviews (120,000) in just four days. By comparison, Baldur’s Gate 3 has over 150,000 reviews, and a game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has racked up 7.5 million staggering reviews over the years.

Obviously people are evil and therefore the review is bombing

The complaints are understandable, and they claim that Overwatch 2 was launched as a free-to-play business model. but with a lot of microtransactions, with skins that are very expensive and the worst thing is that updates are not a priority. Many complain that they closed the first game that was paid, which meant that the player base had to switch to this free business model in order to continue playing. What a lot of people don’t like…

In addition to the above, players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision to largely abandon the PvE Hero mode that was thought to be the reason behind the creation of this new game. To counter this situation, Blizzard announced the introduction of three different PvE missions, but at a cost of $15, in which case players say that the investment of time and money is not justified.

While some of the views offered are constructive, much of the criticism has focused on issues unrelated to Overwatch 2, such as Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard and allegations of sexual harassment within the company. With all that being said, it’s likely that Valve’s moderation will take action on this.

What did Blizzard think?

Initially, Blizzard hoped to attract new users to Overwatch 2 by releasing it on the Steam platform, however, unfortunately, this strategy has not yet paid off. The company’s decision to bring Overwatch 2 as its first release on Steam is causing some controversy. Will more games from the company appear on the Valve platform? We’re confident things could improve with the debut of Overwatch 2: Invasion as this update represents the game’s most significant expansion and promises to add new content to the game.

Interestingly, among the positive feedback on Steam, the ability to uninstall the Blizzard Launcher and use the Steam Launcher to allow players to uninstall from their systems stands out.

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