Oscars 2024: everything about the next edition of the most important awards in the world of cinema

race of oscars 2024 It’s been months since I’ve eaten. The exact closing date for this debut was March 14 this year, just a day after the previous edition’s awards were announced. Since then, new names have begun to cover quiñalas, big festivals have been announced for their participants and… with uncertainty on the horizon and great studios painting the most anticipated premieres of the last quarter of the year, this prediction It’s too complicated to make what could have been one of the most unusual celebrations of the past few years, even though we’ve attempted to do it here.

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What can we expect from Oscars 2024?

At the moment, there is a greater presence of independent films, only those who can get the respect of the actors’ union at the time of promotion with their stars. by way of example, Ferraria film by Michael Mann which star adam driver or Penelope CruzIf you can get your heroes rolling on the red carpet of the Venice Festival (and all the associated hype in the Italian city), that’s almost a prerequisite to start making noise in front of the big awards. The reason it doesn’t is that they believe there is a studio behind the film that isn’t traditionally one of the big studios. it was also all the time everywhere In 2023 I belt out what big titles can’t – Daniels’ film was distributed by tiny A24 – commercially he took advantage of a situation that looks like it won’t improve in the coming weeks .

Since a few years ago, the Oscars have been immersed in a process of change and modernization aimed at expanding the diversity of its group of voters, which has surprised more than one person in the nominations in recent years.

Which movies are coming up for Oscars 2024?

Before the end of the year, great holy totems of cinema like Martin Scorsese hey ridley scott They will return to bring their stories to life on screen. the first one will have los asesinos de la lunaadaptation of the book of the same title by David Grann, who stars Lily Gladstone or Leonardo Dicaprio, The second premiere will be in November NapoleonA new approach to the image of the French emperor Joaquin Phoenix, Both titles at Oscars 2024 are practically guaranteed by both its directors and its protagonists.

This year, in addition, the cinematographic events of the summer, barbie or oppenheimer, it looks like they may also be among the nominees for Best Picture. it’s bad movie Christopher Nolan Or give the Suena Como la que podria filmmaker her first statuette.

Among other films that may be included in these awards are burning saltAfter the new story of Emerald Fennell a promising young lady, conductorthe Leonard Bernstein biopic that Bradley Cooper directs and stars in; murderer, the new David Fincher that will be seen on Netflix; The second part of Dun…

When are the nominations for Oscars 2024 known?

23 January 2024.

When is Oscar 2024 celebrated?

The Big World Film Awards will next take place on March 10 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. In Spain it can be seen at dawn from 10 to 11 March.

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