Namjoon from BTS talks about military service and has a message: “Solo es un viaje”

Namjoon from BTS talks about military service and gives his message: “Solo es un viaje”. (Photo: RM Instagram).

The group disbanded after their last concert due to military service. ‘RM’ spoke on the subject and sent a message to all ‘Army’.

successful south korean group bts It has become a global sensation, breaking sales records and amassing an ardent fan base around the world. However, as time progresses, his appearance in compulsory military service in South Korea begins to appear on the horizon.

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a member of btsJin, Suga, J-Hope, MRIJimin, V and Jungkook are approaching the age when they must fulfill this civic duty, which is why they have decided to split up to enlist in the militia and meet again in 2025. Limitless, in the midst of their separation as a band, each has projects as solo artists.

namjoon Wavers converged with ‘ARMY’ through the platform and talked about this important topic, and the work he’s been preparing in solitude, such as Taehyung’s recent release with his album “LAYOVER”, has all contributed to his created a sensation on the streaming platform with the songs. Love Me Again’ and ‘Rainy Days’.

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What does Namjoon say about military service?

namjoon or also known as MRI He said that this process that the group is facing is part of the necessary journey of reunification within two years. “So, all singles are just a journey, but this is a very important journey for this second chapter.

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