Milea’s triumph, Marcet’s pasta, Tarija’s mental health… Read the highlights for this Monday

Very good days. We start the day full of local and international information, leaving Paso still hot and Del Castillo’s desperation also before mocking fugitive Marcet. You can also read our edition on, on the app, in the WhatsApp or Telegram group and on social networks. In addition, we leave the pdf edition here.

16 days after his unsuccessful search, the government is offering $100,000 for the capture of Sebastian Marcet.

Del Castillo said that a third party was identified in the leadership of the criminal structure established in Bolivia. This is Roberto Arana Suarez, alias “Robertito”. To read the text click here

Milea’s victory in the primaries in Argentina stirred up the presidential race

In a historical twist, the far-right party La Libertad Avanza won 17 out of 24 provinces. The libertarian economist vowed to put an end to “social justice atrocities.” Peronist Massa and right-wing Bullrich, second in virtual parity To read the text click here

Pilkomayo: Winhayex thinks Sedesh’s study is brief

Indigenous people of the Weenhayek nation, represented by Orkaweta, are ready to take blood tests to disprove health damage caused by eating fish. The news can be read at this link.

Bermejo: rise in drug trafficking and pimping

The absence of a state presence in border areas facilitates the movement of controlled substances and people through unauthorized crossings. Read more here.

Tarija has the highest rate of patients with mental problems in Bolivia.

On average, Intraid’s team of psychologists and psychiatrists treats more than 10 patients a day, and the center’s 30 beds are constantly occupied. The news can be read at this link.

2023 harvest under threat, agreement with sugar cane producers not yet signed

Despite the announcement of cane shredding at the Industrias Agrícolas de Bermejo Sociedad Anónima (IABSA), the process had not yet begun until Sunday, August 13th. Read more here.

BRICS and the path to the summit with the goal of a new world order

The South African Ambassador also stressed the commitment of the leaders of South Africa, China, Brazil and India to finding a solution to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The news can be read at this link.

In a prominent note: The Government informs

Today’s edition also comes with Pura Cepa.

or in the next QR

If you want detailed information about the El País capital increase, you can read it here:

And in the editorial office, the emptiness of the reference company

Confused and discouraged, the Bolivian company appears to be settling for a mere gas distributor on the international stage.

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