Judelyn, the new rising talent highlighted by Apple Music

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one of the main objectives of apple music It is a support for new artists coming from different parts of the world. Experts from all genres discover and select new musical creations that deserve to be highlighted within the platform.

Apple Music fueled its early career with the aim of providing fans new musical expressions of the highest quality, bringing originality to the local scene at a constant pace.

Discover local music artists with Apple Music

l Up Next Spain Program Adds to and complements Apple Music’s existing Global Up Next program. It also provides an opportunity to recognize and support local artists who may someday become part of the global scene and build on their success with Apple Music’s early momentum.

Throughout this month, Apple Music’s Up Next selection is JudelynThe Gaditana artist is already considered one of the events with the most talent and projection of the moment, publicly admired by thousands of followers and personalities rosalia or alizz (Creators of C Dangle) are among them.

Judelyn on Apple Music shares how it feels to be Apple Music’s new Up Next choice in Spain – how other artists feel Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, Khalid, Megan Thee Stallion hey Jhay Cortez, among many others:

This sounds like an incredible opportunity for artists like you, and I feel grateful. I believe streaming has brought globalization to artists.

The youth of Los Canos de Meca reveal their musical context and their inspiration,

I really like imagining situations and making up stories in my head, new things inspire me, I’m always on the lookout for new artists and sounds. My main musical references are currently Gal Costa, Lello, Delafuente, Travis Scott, Lolle and Manuel,

An artist with a cut and meteoric career who never stops developing and experimenting with surprising sounds and rhythms, has already conquered the stages of major festivals such as Primera Sound, Bilbao BBK Live or Tomavistas. Judlin tells Apple Music how she manages so many expectations:

It’s rare, true, but slowly I’m getting a handle on it; Obviously seeing so many people grooving to my music is priceless. Well, it’s a complicated world, it’s not something many people live with, nor do I understand it; There is a duality between good and evil, sometimes it is hatred and sometimes it pleases me.

Judlin, the unedited full album, one of the world’s most important record labels has applied for a, Interscope (with a catalog of artists such as Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey or Karol G, among many other great names). Tell us how you feel about being publicly praised by artists like Rosalia:

It’s beautiful that people who have such an important position and they don’t have it because they don’t support any other artist, they don’t want to promote other little artist; I am happy and grateful.

In his music, the homage to his land Cádiz is a constant:

Roots are very important to me. I feel proud and have great respect for my Andalusian culture; I noticed that our roots lack a loudspeaker, we have a lot to say.

Despite her steady rise in unstoppable popularity and general acclaim, Judeline contemplates the next steps in her career.

I would like to remove a disc, repair my direct…

Among her favorite songs are: Junior H, Las Chuches, Mac Kevin or Chris, Lana Del Rey, the theme “Mala Mia” or Caroline Polachek

Who is Judelyn?

Judelin (Lara Fernandez) is a young singer born in 2003 in Jerez de la Frontera and raised in Los Canos de Meca (Cádiz). Since she was a little girl, she was interested in art and envisioned herself as an artist.

As his voice grows, he begins to express his passion for music. In 2020, at the age of 17, Judelin moved to Madrid to pursue her studies at the Baccalaureate Artistico. However, it soon became clear that his true passion lay in music, which led him to abandon his studies and devote all his time and effort to his music career.

During the same year, Judelin published several songs, such as “Nueva en la Ciudad” and “De una manera”, which attracted the attention of several artists and led to record sales. Estos Sensillos put it in the center of attention of the music industry. In 2022, he released his first EP titled “De la Luz”, inspired by his native land and further impulse in his career.

With this EP, Judlin was able to explore new sounds and musical styles, showcasing her talent and versatility. Recently, Judeline has surprised her followers with the launch of “Canejo”, a new production in which she experiments with different sounds and presents a new side of her music.

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