Jenna Ortega can not escape the “bloody hospital”, photo

A film with the Latin star of fashion will be shown in all cinemas in Peru this August 17th.

to shine like lugo ‘Marlina’ In NetflixActress Jenna Ortega will again show all her talent on the big screen this time with a horror thriller “Killer Hospital”Which is bringing Star Films to all cinemas in Peru starting August 17th.

actress will star together George Lendeborg Jr., Eric Dane (known worldwide for his role in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’), among others. The film begins when the governor of a state (it is not determined which one) enacts an extreme law that considers family members of undocumented immigrants, including their children born in the United States, to be aiding a criminal. And therefore they are to be blamed.

To avoid deportation, detained youth can volunteer at elderly homes managed by them. Mysterious EATU Program (Entendimiento de la Tolerancia de los Ancianos, according to its abbreviations in English). What at first seemed like a chore, like serving Alzheimer’s patients or feeding people with reduced mobility, soon turns into a danger that no one knows how to avoid.

This is the case for JP, a recently admitted student at Columbia University, his sister Lily, and other companions in Big Mac or Camilla-like situations. on the ground was the director of Diego Holvis “Killer Hospital” Bell was one of the screenwriters along with Julio Halevis. Regarding the cast, in addition to Jenna Ortega, also highlight George Lendeborg Jr., Eric Dane (remembered by many series like ‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Alan Maldonado, Brett Cullen, etc.

“Hospital Bloody” is the second feature film by Mexican-American brothers Diego and Julio Holvis, presented Fantastic and Scary Cine Week In the United States, at only 20 years old, Jenna Ortega is the actress of the moment and has become the center of acclaim and scenes, especially in the horror band.

Jenna OrtegaSpecifically, the horror genre debuted in 2013 with “La Noche del Demonio: Chapter 2”. And he arrives at “Merlina”, a juvenile version of Timbertian terror, after much traveling between bloody and haunting scenes. Now it comes with “Hospital Blood”, a strap that will without a doubt give a lot to talk about.


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