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Famous, talented and… harmed by their own parents. In a report shown on Fantastico last Sunday (13), the actress Larissa Manoela told that she suffered serious damage Financials due to mismanagement of who should be taking best care of that part. However, anyone who thinks she was the only one who went through this is wrong.

According to an interview with the actress and singer – her parents said she owned 33% of the company, when in fact, she only owned Two% – There are many other examples of people with differences career management Involving parents themselves in Brazil and around the world.

names like Beyoncé, Xuxa and even Larissa Manoela’s ex-boyfriend, thomas costa, are included in the list. What is common among them is that, at the beginning of the profession, they were children or young prodigies and, therefore, depended on their parents for managing finances. However, the reasons for family disagreements are varied. check out:

Britney Spears

No wonder Larissa Manoela is being compared to Britney Spears. In 2021, the American actress, singer, songwriter and author was released from the guardianship of her father Jamie Spears. 13 years Violation of freedom She was unable to make decisions for herself and about her assets of more than R$60 million.

Imprisonment – physical and psychological – There were even protests in the United States in favor of Britney. One of the reasons given by the singer for expediting the breakup is that her father’s guardianship status prevented her from signing a prenuptial agreement with her fiancé, model and Iranian athlete Sam Asghari.


One of the world’s greatest artists experienced a difficult time with his father. Matthew Knowles He was once Beyonce’s agent and she eventually fired him. It is believed that he exercised and continues to exert a great deal of control over his daughter. stolen Singer’s money

Also, Matthew cheated on Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, and even had a child out of wedlock, which culminated in the divorce of the star’s parents. Despite the situation, in 2018, during one of the shows of the “On the Run II” tour, father and mother were in the pop muse’s dressing room to wish her well. Everything was peaceful.


Relations between Xuxa and his father were also not cordial. This complexity became apparent in one of the most remarkable moments of Brazilian television, when luiz floriano meneghel Surprised the presenter on stage in 1992 at Zoo da Xuxa. That moment is recalled in “Zuksa, the Documentary”, available on Globoplay.

On that occasion, after years of separation, they were finally reunited. stress was noticeable, and Xuxa admitted years later that she chose to be with her mother during a difficult period that was the result of her father’s betrayal. However, before Luiz Floriano Meneghel passed away, Betty resumed their good relationship, in a request for mutual forgiveness on the part of both.

thomas costa

Larissa Manoela’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas Costa, accused her father, Roberto Costa, of misappropriating some part of his property. Daniel Zapata’s interpreter in the telenovela “Carousel” (2012) said in an interview that he has a family dispute over his own property, as was the case with Larissa.

A peak of this disagreement occurred in 2018, when an argument between father and son resulted in kicking and punching. actor’s mother Luciana Santos, is also involved in the proceedings. While requesting for division of property in the divorce petition, property acquired from Thomas’ money was included in the property.

Macaulay Culkin

famous for film series “They Forgot Me”, Macaulay Culkin gradually became a figure fading from the Hollywood spotlight, mainly due to his drug use. According to an interview he gave to a podcast in 2019, much of it is due to his father.

“He was a complicated person. honestly, he was the one evil bastard, To be honest, he really shouldn’t have been the father.” To this day, the two don’t speak and the actor intends to continue that way. “It’s the way it should be. I love myself and I think that I am really good and wonderful, I would not want to change anything. I am happy,” he said.

Jenny McCurdy

In addition to the “I, Carly” series, Jenny McCurdy was also known for writing the book “I’m glad my mom is dead”, The work, composed of several histories, highlights the difficult daily life of the artist as well as his mother. According to Jenny, the cancer-stricken mother traumatized the children by revealing excessive details about the disease.

“Even though the facts are sad, I can say that this story has made my mother extremely proud. He felt a sense of purpose,'” Janet wrote. Besides, she was buried To always be the best in everything he did, and encouraged him to drink several Red Bulls before auditioning for comedic roles. So it will look more energetic.

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