How to plant garlic in August and get a great harvest

He garlic It is an ancient bulbous plant, very versatile and easy growing at home No matter how small your city garden is, it helps prevent colds in winter because garlic’s antiseptic properties help fight ear and respiratory infections, as well as boost the immune system and protect the digestive and urinary systems. What are you interested in? Well it’s time to learn how to plant garlic!

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The fact is that in general (it also depends on the varieties) garlic needs chill throw your first leaves with force, so that Usually it is sown deep autumn. But did you know that you can also start direct sowing in August? This is not crazy! Keep reading we will explain how to plant garlic in august.

How to plant garlic in August with guaranteed success

WhatHow to plant garlic in August if it is a cold climate plant? We haven’t gone crazy. Growing garlic in August is very beneficial for harvesting earlier, even in the dead of winter, and having it on hand for making good stews. To achieve this, you will have to Keep them hydrated and search shady place. Also from all varieties garlic, some are adapted to hot climates. Want to know what they are and how to successfully plant garlic at this time? Let’s start.

Learn how to plant garlic and optimize production both in the ground and in pots. Image: Wiki2win.

Variety of warm weather

Some subspecies or varieties of garlic adapt to hot climate and you can buy them both in a trusted nursery and in specialized online stores. Here are the most suitable varieties for planting in August: Creole, Asia, neck muscle stiffness And marble purple stripe. Choose the one you like best and plant!

Choosing a place and time of landing

It’s best to wait end of August to grow your garlic, temperature there will be many softer. Look for cool and damp place to ensure optimal growth. At your place partially shaded corner? That’s what you need.

soil preparation

It’s time for the floor. fertilize it well and provide good drainage. It is very useful to add homemade compost and mix the layers.


You almost made it. Choose the largest garlic cloves. and bury them in depth 5 cmleave alone distance 15 cm between each other if you plant them together in the ground or in large pots. Important, that compact the earth immediately with first watering.


Having christened garlic with the first watering, do not forget water them twice a week while summer. IN autumnyeah it’s raining regularly will suffice, but if you live in Dry weatheror autumn is less humid than expectedwater them once a week. If you water too much, the bulbs can rot.

Take care of your garlic

Let’s feed these with garlic! You can feed them right add organic fertilizer in the growth stage.

Blade Maintenance

What an illusion – to see erect leaves! In order for a plant to perform photosynthesis well, it is necessary keep them free from fungi and pests. Ideal is do not wet the leaves when watering and a very common trick add wood ash When stems they already have some 10-15 centimeters.

You already know how to plant garlic in August with success, now put our hands on the ground.

By the way, did you know that black garlic In fact fermented white garlic at high temperatures? But such delights are not needed to enjoy them, garlic always brings benefits in the kitchen. And if you don’t believe me, you can always practice with these delicious recipes:

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