How to make a music video go viral: Advice from experts who’ve worked with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj

There are many tricks and tips that can be adopted to make a music video go viral, but at the end of the day, it just ends up being somewhat random.

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To some people, viral is a dirty, annoying word, but for most of the music industry, it’s a goal. Artists and their equipment invest heavily in their songs and music videos Internet, sending the single to the top of the charts, amassing millions of streams and selling well in the process. But, why does a video go viral? How did the musicians and their collaborators come up with the idea that “thrilled” the Internet?

“If you are capable of trying to go viral, you will fail”, explains brandon bonfiglioexecutive producer of london street, And I just kept saying: “You’re hitting the wrong target”. london street It is primarily known for producing music videos with some of the best artists in the world, with the aim of making their renditions go viral. The company has been behind success as well as glorious moments nicki minaj, ice masala or Aqua “Barbie World”,industry baby” In lil nas x or jack harlow, “kill BillL’s sza Y “about damn time” In lizzoamong many others.

bonfiglio You know what you’re talking about when it comes to music videos going viral. But when you pose the simple question of how to make a video that achieves this, your answer isn’t as simple as you might expect from the few people who want that dark virginity.

Ariana Grande cut her hair!  ,  glamor

“In the world of things that want to go viral, context is very important,” he says. Context is important in many forms of art, but in today’s social media-centered world, it is of paramount importance. Musicians don’t just have to tell a story in their music videos, they just have to reference things happening outside of the world they’re creating. They can talk about what is happening in the country, in the news, they can make statements about what is bad, they can mention something from their lives.

One of the most talked about front line stars on the internet, on both the platforms Twitter As in the means of communication, and their each and every activity is analyzed. As such, if artists want to spark interest in those they love most and reach a wider audience, why not investigate what has been hinted at or hinted at in their lives? Hubler de allo without really hublar de allo, como podron hecer en su music.

Hannah Lux DavisOne of the most sought after directors of music videos in the region, knows this scheme very well. ,Thank you video, next‘was the perfect example of Elo”, declared during a recent presentation, referring to the success of their work Ariana Grande, which went viral was nothing but estrangerce. “I believe in the very first meetings we knew this was going to be something viral that happened prior to its launch.”

Nicki Minaj's Viral and Unhinged Queen Radio Episode - Rolling Stone

If you refer to the fact that the singer was single and was keen on promoting stories of women who came forward after a relationship. They used music videos to play famous movies based on this theme, which turned out to be a great juggernaut.

Using known intellectual property, even if only in a referential way, is a great idea. bonfiglio, ,Thank you, nextT” (another production of london street) I made it incorporating famous scenes from movies like mean GirlsBut is also recruiting some stars to join the diversion.

Apparently, when the idea for the video was playing out, find cool stuff in your phone’s contacts and call kris jenner, la manager de las kardashian Ultimately appearing as herself in the clip helped her go viral, as she was also at the peak of her fame. He says, “I always try to show a person with a name because it gives it a little bit of life.” bonfiglio about hiring celebrities for roles in his productions.

Fans caught on to all of the references and inside jokes of “”.Thank you, next“, and then the rest of the world followed because of the initial success. Of course, that matters too, because a hit song can only reach a certain point with a great video, but the context is really important.

bts wanna win all the time

Today, artists and their teams can consult social networks and see what people are saying in the aftermath of controversies. You can use all this information for your next projects. Muchas Estrellas has become, and has become, a formula of proven effectiveness, at least for those who have a lot to do on the Internet.

He commented, “If you get a lot of hate for something, the easiest way to make it go viral is to do something against the hate.” bonfiglio, Y Adi: “It’s not just about what’s coming, but it’s about why it’s coming and what they’re going to do with it”. Artists have to think that the videos they release to the world are not only watched but also discussed, analyzed and shared. Some even include images or moments that can be reused as memes, helping the clip live on forever and instantly convert to internet folders.

too much bonfiglio As Davis (by the way, who is not married) realized that, right around the time, he had attended several meetings with record managers and executives when the word “Viral” was released without Miramientos. Hubo Discográficas came to visit us and told us: “We want to make this ocean viral”. Muchos les pedan que creiton algo para hecer vir una nueva cansin o un nuevo arte, a los que trabajban con los musición no saban responder a las preguntas adecudas.

Thanks, Next - Video (Behind the Scenes Peek) - YouTube

It is important to know who an artist is, the perpetrator their brand and who their audience may be, and anyone who cannot describe all three things perfectly is lost in the matter of virility. “It is somewhat difficult to do. It requires perfect timing, attention to detail, customer, artist or whoever has a good knowledge of their followers and their public base, and who knows their brand well. “, he insists. DavisAdvertisementendo a ques no posion esos dateos.

But last and last any person can go viral for any reason. Those who have a history of making music videos that people can’t stop watching and posting can offer clues, but it’s not an exact science. Many of the treatments that Nadi envisioned have turned out to be huge, and there are countless examples of artists who followed all the best advice only to see that their looks didn’t impress anyone.

Davis simplified some of his best advice by saying that, before conceptualizing and filming anything, composers and their teams should ask themselves: “What would you be able to talk about? Would you like to talk to your friends?” What would you share with? Concomacióndo?”, and these responses allow you to work in the opposite direction.

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