Harrison Ford assures the secret to his superb physique at age 81 is in his diet and says he goes to the gym “less”

Harrison Ford He is one of the most admired and loved actors in Hollywood and has marked several generations by giving life to iconic characters, among them, Indiana Jones and Han Solo, During his career, the actor has also featured in roles in ‘Blade Runner’, ‘La Semilla del Diablo’, ‘Six Days and Seven Nights’ and ‘Weapons of Women’.

stating the reason that it is successful and in his homage he handed it over Palma d’Oro at Cannes Film Festival from this year. Eli I burst into tearsbut i also got multiple compliments by his great physicist who continues to maintain his 81 years oldAs you can see in the video.

Looks Like The Secret To Staying Young May Be Right Here food diet It follows the actor and was revealed during an interview on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ when the presenter complimented her on her fabulous body: “You ves muy bien”.

That’s what Harrison admitted Go ,Little, in the gym And among the foods he eats is Hecho Hincapie: “i’m eating practically nothing, eat vegetables and fish”, Ford also explained his diet refuse to eat meat, take dairy and a third food group that has not been recalled during the program. ,you are really boring,

Regarding the reasons for starting this diet, Ford has admitted that “I just decided i was tired of eating meat“. “You know it’s really not good for the planet and it’s really not good for me either”, he shared.

during an interview with USA Today The actor said: “I am healthy, I enjoy being active and in shape. I am conscious of keeping my old back in shape.”

Recently Ford has premiered ‘.Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny‘ actress, alongside Phoebe Waller-Bridge, where she showed she’s stayed in shape and ready to face any eventuality before being put in the skin of the iconic archaeologist that makes us laugh and grace the big screen. but enjoys.

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