From Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel to Laura Ascens and Álvaro de Luna

Despite Sonada’s breakup, which broke more than a few hearts over the past few months — among them Rosalia and Rav Alejandro’s or Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s —, summer is leaving images that help pessimists believe in love again. does. And this 2023 has beckoned new additions of celebrities, who are enjoying the sunshine, sports and summer months for the first time.

Laura Ascens and Alvaro de Luna

This is over a year old. And I never said better than that, because they confirmed their relationship shortly after celebrating the Campanadas. Laura Escanes (27) and Álvaro de Luna (29) started the first day of 2023 by announcing their engagement through a romantic video on TikTok. Since the end of October, it was rumored that they were together after they were photographed kissing each other. However, he preferred to wait to deliver the news.

The couple has seen themselves more caramelized since then. Well a few weeks ago the singer went there influencer On stage during a concert in Kullera Before people knew the song, the song he wrote for her, all with you, The two have traveled to Menorca, the girl’s favorite destination, on several occasions; And the musician has shown an excellent relationship with Roma, the daughter of Catalan and presenter Risto Mejide (48).

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas

Paloma Cuevas and Luis Miguel Magazine’s ‘¡Hola!’ Starring in the cover of
Europa Press

Although your relationship was a secret to you, It wasn’t until late June that it was confirmed that Luis Miguel, 53, and Paloma Cuevas, 50, were together. Friends for a while, they never spoke about the engagement rumors – a turn of events that could have, in fact, led to a rivalry between singer and bullfighter Enrique Ponce, Cuevas’ ex-husband and Ana Soria’s partner. 24 year old student-, but magazine Hola! published some photographs in which they appeared walking hand in hand through the streets of Paris. Its lujosa scenes in Bilbao and the rumors related to them finally make sense.

aitana and sebastian travel

Aitana and Sebastian visit.
Aitana and Sebastian visit.

Aitana and Sebastian Yatra have known each other for more than four years, when the Colombian starred in the edition Operation Triumph In which the singer participated. In 2020, both released the song together heart without life And, despite the fact that the artist was moving on from her relationship with Miguel Bernardo, rumors that the two had more than friendship never completely died down. They were seen kissing each other last March and since then, He stopped hiding.

Karol G Y Feed

Karol Ji (32) and Fide (30) also became one of the pairs of the summer. The musicians have always shown that they have a good relationship, but over time, they began to talk about something else. And the photos of the two of them together in public and the comments left on social networks point to the kind of spark that flared up between them. It was the last month of June when he went on a trip to Miami (USA).

bad bunny and kendall jenner

At the beginning of their relationship they were very discreet, avoiding comments and criticism – at first it was decided that they were not compatible – but the two enjoyed their marriage together, leaving no doubt that it was a reality. Is. According to the US press, singer Bad Bunny (29) and model Kendall Jenner (27) have been suffering from fever since last month and have not stopped appearing since then. Now they are publicly enjoying more and more allies and affection.

Dua Lipa and Romain Gavras

Dua Lipa (27) attended the Cannes Festival with her new partner, director Romain Gavras (42) in the last month of May. Nadi expected this relationship—on the ground level because the singer had a relationship with actor Aaron Piper, but also for other specific questions, such as the age difference and if they had never seen each other before—. Both looked caramelized and very comfortable between the cameras.

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